FACTS annual meeting, Atlanta

nona powers

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jun 15, 1999
san diego
I hope everyone who is in Atlanta and cares about standards for the industry, who really care about the industry period will be at the annual FACTS meeting.

SUNDAY September 12th
World Congress Center
8:00 am
Room C-211

I suspect some donuts will be available and maybe coffee. It's a great time to ask questions, voice concerns and maybe even volunteer, certainly to support with your $30 if you haven't already. (Don't let that thought scare you away, we don't twist arms, just stay an harms length away from me maybe.) The board of Trustees and all committee chairs plus some sub committee chairs will be there.

As they say in the South, Ya'll come, ya hear!!

Nona Powers, CPF
Is anyone planning on coming to the meeting ? It would certainly prove to manufactures that framers care about standards and that is very important. I realize it's Sunday morning, but there is nothing like seeing friendly faces first thing in the morning and I promise to smile and speak softly. The speaking softly part will be hard, but I'll try.

Nona Powers, CPF
I will be there, and hopefully others that carry more "weight" in the industry will be there, too.

It's the only event I have sheduled for Sunday; do ya need me to bring Krispy Kremes?
8 am?


And MAYBE there will be coffee?????

I try to be a caring professional, I really do.

But 8 AM?

I'll be the cranky woman leaning against the wall in the back of the room.

Kit - are you kidding me? I'm not chancing anyone else providing me my "transformation" java!

I can bring enough for two if you want backup!
See, the beauty of having the meeting at 8am on a Sunday is that no one can claim a prior commitment. I, of course, will be there. And everyone else who is going to be in Atlanta needs to be there, too. We have to prove in numbers that FACTS has retail framer support so we can prove to the manufacturers that they need to do big things to keep this boat afloat...
Hi Folks

No it is not Jerry ......it is "I"...Dermots....in Michigan.....don't get confused....I'm on Jerrys computer....

Nona.......I will be there.


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That's the spirit!! Anyone need eye splints I can bring toothpicks. I can just about guarantee the coffee. I'm looking forward to seeing you all!! Once a person gets into this Southern thing, it's hard to get out!!

Ellen is right though, the Framers on TG and HH who spoke loudly and sent in money and got other framers to do so are the reason FACTS is still here. The manufacturers two years ago said in Atlanta they would contribute, now is their chance. We have an organization behind the great work that has been done in the past and is available on the Internet and FACTS is now cooking, thanks to fantastic volunteers who stepped up and said yes. FACTS has had some organizational challenges but most of them have been worked out now and we are moving forward. Join us!!! (Forgive all the exclamation points; it must be the frustrated cheerleader in me coming out!!!!! I’ll try to control it, lets see, no arm twisting, speak softly, calm down….gees)

Nona Powers, CPF

Come now: prior commitments include sleep.
However, I'll be holding up the wall with Kit as long as I can get my required 66 oz. of caffeine before 9:00 a.m.

(I couldn't believe I was that addicted, but sadly, it's so. And, yes, I can still cut glass safely.)

Cathie MM
8 am?


And MAYBE there will be coffee?????

I try to be a caring professional, I really do.

But 8 AM?

Does it help that it is EDT

Quit yer whinin', Grumblers. (That sounds funny, huh?)

The Omni Bar will kick you out about 6 a.m. so you'll have just enough time to freshen up and caffeinate yourselves.
I will be there and am looking forward to meeting all of you. I am a "morning" person so I'll try to keep the chirperness down so no one feels the need to shot me.

Also are any of you planning to take the next class that day? I believe it is a marketing class with Meg Peters. I think that one is going to be good. After going through this August, I feel any help in Marketing would be very welcome.I don't know about the rest of you ,but August just about kills me every year.

I'll be there Nona, just for you!
We need a few more bodies (short for enthusiastic caring framers!!) I just heard that there will be coffee and pastries. First come, first served!!
(I just can't seem to keep my hands of the exclamation points.)

Nona Powers.CPF
Originally posted by EllenAtHowards:
See, the beauty of having the meeting at 8am on a Sunday is that no one can claim a prior commitment........
ahh...sorry Ellen, but I'll be in my room preparing for my 9am Seminar on Building a Better Website....along with the 30+ attendees.........that would give us a "prior commitment"! ;)

Nona....now that you've got donuts and coffee.....maybe I should make a pit stop to your event along the way....

I'm on my way to Atlanta this morning but wanted to again urge everyone to please come to the FACTS annual meeting. It is very important, truly. I think you will be surprised at how it has pulled together over the last few months and is an organization now that can and will be the standard setting body the industry so desperately needs. The work that has been done is great and the work that will be done will make it even better and certainly more accessible to everyone.

Thanks for caring
Nona Powers, CPF
I would go to the FACTS meeting if I was going to Atlanta. I hope you all have a wonderful time, and a very informative meeting with lots of coffee!