fabric wrapped foam core...


Feb 26, 2006
Union Springs, New York
Hi Everyone!
I have some large panoramic prints to frame (52" x20"). The frames were already made by someone else, and they made them smaller than they should have. This leaves only about 1 1/2" for the mat. My thought... use acid free foam board beveled, wrapped with fabric. My question... does it have to be a full piece of foam board, or can I use strips for the 4 sides? How about splicing in the middle of a side...will that show? (I don't have oversized foam board, and they won't fit in my mat cutter) Also, what thickness of acrylic do you recommend for this size, 1/8 ... 3/16 ?

Thanks everyone! Kari
Foamcore does not provide a very crisp edge when using it as the basis for a fabric wrapped mat. Better to use 8-ply.
I would recommend calling Frank [1-888-223-3749] and asking him to rip down some #73 or #63 and send you the chop. If the fabric is right, you can lay it seamless; if not, upholster mitre the corners. [see Chapter 4 of "Fabric Wrapping 101"]