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May 19, 2005
Hi Everyone -

I am new to the grumble and have been enjoying all the threads with helpful information!

I have been framing for about 8 months and am truly loving it!

I am trying to use the dry mount press to adhere the fabric to the mat with a colormount sheet between the mat and the fabric. This will work on thin cotton fabrics but not on home decorator fabrics (really heavy - like for slipcovers, bedspreads, etc.).

What means would you grumblers use to try and do this job? All help would be appreciated!

Thanks !

Jim W. welcome to the grumble. Here, we have "resident" specialists.

For example:
Bob Carter is the resident business guru.
Jim Miller is the "go-to" guy for shadowboxes.
Mike Labbe is the computer expert.

And - Baer is the fabric specialist. He'll be along later...

Me? I know just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to do much good on anything - but I always know who to go to! Einstein (I think it was) said it's not as important to know everything as it is to know where to find the answer.

Welcome to the G!

Use Fusion 4000 instead ... at a fairly high temperature.

Alternatively take a different approach and use Frank's Fabric's glue ... the solution I prefer.

Hey, Welcome to the Grumble Jim!

Sounds like you need more heat or more time with the heat with thicker fabric.

Or possibly there is a sizing in the fabric that won't accept adhesive?

I use Miracle Muck which is a PVA glue when I do fabric wraps. It is very user friendly. Although I activate it with heat so that may or may not help your problem.
Yeah Andrew is on to something there with the Fusion, it actually breaks down and melts so you get a better bond.....
If its not an archival job I use super 77 spary to mount fabrics. You get more control on the wrap. You have to be careful not to overdo the spray, as it can seep through lighter fabrics. Fusions good to though.
I use Fusion. Last week I did two 46x57 wrapped foamcore mats and they came out great! I've done other wraps but these were the largest by far. I lightly ironed it into place before I put it in the heat press. I have another one to do for next Friday.
sometimes i use a pva glue (eg, miracle muck), sometimes i use spray glue (eg, super 77, great 88, or super tack 87---they're all about the same, 'cept for their spraying characteristics!).
sometimes i use both ( 1 on the face, the other on the verso) ;)
Seriously Jim, come over and see Lori and Ahlene,and we'll give you some Fusion 4000. And besides, Ahlene misses your smiling face. She'll give you some instuction too!!!

Stay away from the Super 77 sray.
Thanks everyone for all your help!! This is truly a great place for information. Lori, I will be over to see you and Ahlene! Thanks for the invitation!
Thanks for the kind words Betty. Looks like Jim has already made that choice as to the path of .....

but I wouldn't call it a slippery slope or perdition. :D