Fabric Class with Baer


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 27, 2005
August 6th, Sunday
Saratoga Springs, NY

Baer will be in racing city, Saratoga Springs, NY to teach his internationally famous fabric class!

If any Grumblers would like to come join us for what will I'm sure will be a memoriable experience please e-mail by May 15th. We would like to see firm committments by June 30th if at all possible. As we get a feel in the next week or so how many may be able to attend, I will be able to provide more information.

The class will be taught in the morning, followed by a Baer-B-Q, and for those interested an afternoon at the races.

Because it is our tourist season, I encourage all who will be needing motel/hotel accomodations to plan on doing so asap. www.saratoga.org. I will be happy to suggest outlying towns for a place to stay as well.

New York framers, I have been in touch with the PPFA as well. Hopefully this will give us a chance to get together and discuss getting a NY chapter going as well.

So sign up fast and sign up early! This is a great chance to learn from Baer and have a relaxing day away from the shop as well.

All The Right Angles

Thanks. And I like the PPFA connection... That would be great!!

Talk later,


PS Get away from the shop and the area!! Love it!!
Jennifer, How about November 5th at "Ambience by Parker" in Nashville; is that close enough?

Talk to Betty. It's her party, I just get to wear the hat and blow the horn. :D

Now if I could just line up something around November 12th in Ft. Lauderdale area . . . Wally?
lets keep this going!
I won't be able to make it afterall . . :(

but I just told another shop owner about it and he wants to come! Maybe he will become a Grumbler as well.

Have a great time!
Hey Baer...when did you get back?
Skip Ft. Lauderdale and head for the Keys.
I'd rather go to Nashville, given the choice, but travel that time of year is highly restricted for me.
The last sponsored class in this area didn't go over so well. We really don't have a huge representation in PPFA in this area, and our chapter HQ is in the Tampa Bay area.
South Fl. is much more active. training, cruises, etc. but time away is dear, and that would be 2 days of travel.
I could probably talk Miss Ellen(my wife)into a trip to Oregon quicker than I could get her to South Florida. She won't go to Atlanta for the show, and I can't afford to take her to Las Vegas.
Wally she'd love to come to Saratoga!!!!
Steph, You're probably right...I love your area of the country... BUT, Miss Ellen has been most patient with my year-long kitchen remodeling and I think that my grace period is quickly ending. Best stay home and finish the project & restore domestic tranquility.
She probably would go to Nashville (like in a heartbeat). Her family is from there...lived in a little enclave called Belle Meade...
Thanks anyway.
Jeez Wally, small world. My wifes cousin lives in Belle Mead. We'll be seeing them, just not staying with them.

I'm all over it with heading for the Keys. We will be coming down to visit some new friends we met on the ship who are in Lauderdale, but we may also head down to Largo with them.

My nephew is in Jack city learnin' to be a lawyer type... I'd send him by, but I think he's become one of those responsable people and studies... something about being #1 in his class... :rolleyes:
BTW: to all who are coming to Saratoga Springs, I made Steph an offer this afternoon to up the value by offering on Saturday evening to present my lecture "Socio-Anthropological History of Frames and Framing". Trust me, it's funner and more interesting than the title...

It's just that some people think that it's not respectable to drink beer, eat popcorn and hear a lecture called "Where The Heck Did That Come From?" :D

So make sure you're in SS by the 7pm kick-off.
Count me in!

And since I'll be staying at my step-bro's place just outside of Albany, I hereby offer their artsy digs (no wait, that makes their place sound like mine) - their "parents-of-a-classical-musician/gerontology professor/PBS art auction chair" home - to at least one other class Grumbler -

Might I also add that my sis-in-law is a professional caterer and a great cook!

Probably not a lot of alcohol, though, which is fine with me since I am a tee-totaler (Diet Coke-totaler?).
A SECOND freebie lecture with Baer plus beer & popcorn?
This is getting better and better!

I'll bring wine and cheeses in case someone is allergic to popcorn... ;)
Bringing this back up so you can all read the new add on to our Saratoga Springs class. Its a great opportunity to receive a second class for the price of one.

And after having my first 'discussion' with Baer on the phone, I am more than convinced it WILL be worth the trip!

I must say Baer has a sensual John Goodman-esque voice on the phone.

....and he completely pulled a fast one on me too...you have to come to Saratoga to hear that story...I'm still recovering. D**m he got me!
OK Steph, your fine Pongee Silk wrapping licence is hereby revoked untill you learn to spell check your swearing.

Its spelled D**n... common mistake, cuz the "N" is dang near silurnt. :D
Sat. evening beer lecture...did I get that right?....sounds good. Count me in for the weekend...including the fabric part...
Jack, how far is it from VA to mid upstate NY?

are you flying, driving or train?

It's not the farthest someone has come for my class, but I'm impressed and honored none the less.

Marion came all the way from Australia. . . oh, wait. I'm sorry. We put on a class because she came from the land of OZ. :D It was a fun day too. Thanks Marion for causing it to happen.
Jack's looking at 9-10 hrs by car I would think. Yeah Jack can't wait to meet you.

Baer just you never mind about my spelling, I'm still all woozy from our talk yesterday, oh Mr Pot calling ye Kettle Black!!!
I'm driving. Good time to take a long weekend break and I love visiting that part of the country. It will be like a vacation....but still framing!
Jack, It's CEUs, Continuing Education Units... the entire trip is tax deductable. [except the ponies :D ] The milage rate I think is going up to .45/mile, but the beer can only be deducted at a rate of 50% because you have to much fun at it.

But, because there is a class on Saturday and one on Sunday they will allow a day of travel on each side and still credit the entire expenses of four days.
I'm officially retired, but I would like to come if only to meet some of you all.

What is the cost of the class?
Guess I'll be making arrangements for Nashville in Nov.! It's only a 16 hour drive, but airfare must surely cost less.

Of course, it would be much nicer if you would swing by Wis., Baer. How about on your way to or from Nashville? I'm sure it must be on the way if you turn the map just right.

You could stop by and say hello to Lightning Slick.

Later gator.
How far is it to Lake Geneva, Minnisota in late Sept, Amy? Surly it would be faster to just ride Slick.

'Course, I just read what I wrote and started wondering if it's closer in Sept then it is in any other month....

Man, this jet-lag thing has never left me this brain dead before... I must be getting older or something.
Yeah, Baer, that's the ticket. Do it right and fun stuff is almost always "educational", tax-wise. The nine hour drive will be good mind-clearing time away from the shop, plus the goings-on in NY will be a blast I'm sure.

Now, if the horse race set will leave open some hotel rooms for everyone things will be dandy. Book early, it's the high season.
I have checked with the following departments in my business....


That's right P A T - Pat says it's OK for me to come. Pat WILL NOT fly - we have already had the usual 'domestic' over her travelling abroad with me!

One day sounded good; two days is just too much! (to resist) this is just the excuse I need to meet any single one of you that has committed so far. (Not that I will not be paying full attention at the demos of course!)

Not a seasoned traveller these days, so any advice would be appreciated.

KLM is the best fly deal I came up with on the first page of a Google search and I have looked at the Saratoga website for hotels.

Take it nearest to downtown Saratoga is best?

Not fussed about car hire - long time since I drove on the right and our speed limits are higher here - you'd probably have to bail me out for the demos!

Saratoga has a museum that I would love to see too, so I may make an extra day one side. Then again it may all not come off - I'm posting straight from an initial foray on Google, seems easy so far; that can't be a good sign!

The Regiment I served in - The Royal Welch Fusiliers, fought at the battle of Saratoga (you kicked our butts!) and also fought alongside the Americans during the boxer rebellion - the only British regiment to have 'Pekin' as a battle honour.

Check out second photo down. Seems our regiment has an association over there.
John is that KLM Gatwick to Kennedy?.... and I'm thinking there is a train up from Grand Central. . .

As for accomidations, I'll defer to Steph; I'm bunking in with the dogs and cats so I don't get home sick. :D :D :D :D :D
Ooo - er

I looked for flights to Albany, the closest airport to Saratoga.

I got Gatwick to Detroit (Wayne County Airport)
then from there to Albany.

About $1145 return. Take off 13:50 on the 5th, arrive Albany 22:56. Assuming times are local, it doesn't say.

Flying to Kennedy and then a train from Grand Central sounds more fun, is it quicker/as quick/cheaper/whatever?

I could sell the photos I take and cover the trip, that's my usual stunt!

(Edit) Push comes to shove I could drive from Kennedy - how far?

I can look up your highway code in time.

[ 05-07-2006, 07:44 PM: Message edited by: RoboFramer ]

If you're flying to JFK, you'll be taking Amtrak Amtrak web site train from Penn Station (not Grand Central to Albany.

The trip to Albany is 3.5 hours on Amtrak. The trains seem to run every couple of hours (more or less depending on time of day).

From JFK to Manhattan (Penn Station) it is approx. 1 hour (if traffic God is asleep that day).

So, it might be faster to fly to Detroit and then to Albany, unless the layover in Detroit is quite long.

Steph isn't actually IN Saratoga, she's near by about 15 minutes. She told me she's also near Albany where she'll be getting me from the airport.

Take off 13:50 on the 5th, arrive Albany 22:56.
That is Saturday and you would be arriving aobut 1 hour after the History lecture is over. . . or was that your intent?
Glad to have you aboard John. Please sit properly in the assigned seats and fasten your seat belts. The restraining bar will automatically actuate.
Please keep all arms, legs, and small children inside the car. Do not attempt to touch any of the mechanical displays, as they have been programed to bite. At the end of the ride, please remain seated untill the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign, we have come to a full and complete stop, and restraining bar has released you. Thank you for riding the Saratoga Framers Fun Ride.

[I wonder why Steph is being qwiet during all this?]
I'm not quiet Baer and I never have been!!!!

Wow I leave you guys for 36 hours and look what happens.

Update my shop is in Saratoga Springs, but the class will be held at my house....because that is where the bar, grill, deck and big screen tv that Baer requested is.

I live in Clifton Park which is only 15 minutes south of Saratoga. The Albany airport is about 15 minutes south of Clifton Park.

I highly recommend getting your accomodation reservations ASAP. Saratoga is expensive this time of year and many places are booked. It is a very entertaining and gorgeous town to stay in if ...you can get in.

I recommend looking for a place to land your head, such as in Clifton PArk or Latham or Albany. I would especially check places such as Comfort Inns, Holiday Inns/Express, etc for the best deals and availability. When I checked the other day there were places with vacancy in those threee towns. They are close to Saratoga and even closer to class.

OK let me get another coffee injection into my veins and I will post more

PS Bob is getting excited deciding on food for all. If you have any weird allergies or foood adversions let me know that as well.

The following places have room availability for August 5th & 6th stays:

http://www.comfortsuites.com/hotel/ny228 call them directly

http://www.longfellows.com/ this is an incredible place in Saratoga some rooms still avqilable
http://www.thesaratogahotel.com/ limited and expensive right in downtown Saratoga

I hope this helps, I'm sure there is more out there.
Hi Steph

Roboframer has gone singing and left me to find him a hotel. (this is mrs.Roboframer!)
I have found what looks to be reasonable one (includes breakfast) at the Hampton Inn, Albany airport - address 45 British American Boulevard, Latham.
Is that an ok type of place please?
Ok to book there you think??
Dear Mrs. RoboFramer:

The place John has chosen is excellent choice. It is such a good hotel that it has been selected for a major strippers and Go-Go girls convention at the same time John is visiting.

Just kidding! There will be no Go-Go girls.

Just strippers.

Actually, it is a good place to stay with or without said distractions or attractions.
Paul as always you are a big help!!!

Hey everyone its Mrs.Roboframer

Pat HAmpton Inns fom my limited experience are pretty descent places to stay. My only other suggestions is to check the Hampton Inn out in Clifton Park, snce then he will be a few minutes from where the classes will be held. Otherwise if the Latham location is more reasonable that is fine since he will only be 10-15 minutes away.

Sorry you won't be able to join John, its always great to meet the woman in front of the man!

Mrs R. here again
I found this hotel, do you think I can really warrant booking him in an hotel with a stripper convention??
Am I asking for trouble??
You know what his sense of humour is like and as much as I may enjoy the peace for the week, I do want him to come home, really!!?
I would come, Steph, but I really do have this fear of flying.
So much so, I dont even have a passport, so then he cant book any surprise hols.
I have a passport application form sitting on the arm of the armchair for about 2 months now and am terrified of filling it out, cos I know he will try to talk me into flying somewhere.
Anyway im happy for him to have the break over there.
Ive checked the clifton Park one again and that works out nearly an extra 100$ per night. He's coming over for 6 days (bless him) so I guess I'll have to take my chances with the strippers!
Originally posted by RoboFramer:
Mrs R. here again
I found this hotel, do you think I can really warrant booking him in an hotel with a stripper convention??
Am I asking for trouble??
You know what his sense of humour is like and as much as I may enjoy the peace for the week, I do want him to come home, really!!?
LOL not to worry, there is no strippers convention going on.

Paul wishes there was a strippers convention...he just got confused...again!
you will understand now that I am the straight guy out of the two of us!!
Aah, do you say the same over there?
I am the serious one, he is the joker!
I also have a terrible memory for jokes, hence the main reason he married me, he can keep telling me the same jokes over and over again, and I keep falling for them!!