F2200 staight cutter question


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 1, 2005
On the straight cutter side of my Fletcher, the magazine for the blade has two notches. When attempting to cut 3/16 foam core, in one position the blade does not quite make it through, leaving it hinged. In the next possible position out the blade clashes with the bottom of the track which ain't easy on the bade. I may be missing something in the manual, but I don't see.
Any help?
Just extend the blade out a bit more while in the first position.

Throw out your manual and go with your instincts.
Are you using stanley 911 or 921 blades? The 921 are longer than the 911s so they would stick out too far. But like scottk says, just go by instinct! Let the blade stick out all the way and slide the magazine to the right position and tighten it down.
I finally broke down and bought some extra blade magazines, which I label for my most common cutting tasks.

On the bevel side, the is an 8-ply magazine and a Alpha Double-thick magazine.

On the straight cut side, I keep a blade extended and just press it down to where it needs to go.
The F-2100 and F-2000 both used identical magazines for both the left (bevel - openings) and the right (straight - outside dimensions) sides of the cutting head.

As Ron pointed out, he would simply extract the blade out far enough and then tighten in position or hold it in position.

The newer F-2200 that JohnR is using has a unique & newly designed blade holder on the right side to hold a "Stanley style Utility blade". The blade will actually lock into about three positions depending on the depth of the material being cut.

I would make sure the magazine is indeed seated fully into the slot, and raising the blade slightly with a slip sheet may also keep your blade from "bottoming out".

I will examine this issue over the weekend in Orlando and get back to you, JohnR.

Thanks guys. The way the notches are positioned and the shape of the blade means there is a 1/2" between the positions. I'd need a thick slip sheet. I experimented a bit but the outer position is really for 1/2" thick material. I guess I could learn to hold the cutter part way down, but it feels unnatural as I normally dice up corrugated board into squares for shipping purposes using the upper (shorter) position. I might try snapping off 1/4” end of the blade and using the outer position.

The pix helps to explain. Note the diagonal position marks on the magazine.