F15 Frame tacker gone wild


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 27, 2005
Whistler, BC
I've got this Roma F15 frame tacker from a local agent in place of an F16( the one I really needed!)This particular tacker shoots 15mm plexis but the agent assured me it would do just as well with 16mm hard arrows. It does but only after tapping the metal exit with a hammer every two succesful tacks and a lot of jams, worse..after inserting the original 15mm plexis, the tacks come out in twos! Got a problem like this? How do you make it at least work again?
If you think the problem is the points, complain to the person that sold them to you and ask for replacements.

But.... I have an F15 and about a year ago it "went wild". Shot no points, then next pull it would shoot out 3-4 points.

I took it apart, cleaned up the components, put it together and it started working right again.

I guess I'm saying it may not necessarily be the points you're using so much as the gun may need a little TLC. Take it apart, check it out, straighten the peices that look bent from overuse, rebend the ones that look like they got straightened and put it back together. I didn't have a "manual" or schematic to go by, just intuition and fairly good mechanical skills. Also the gun was looking worn out and I was contemplating replacing it anyways, so I had little to lose! Hopefully you'll get it together close to new condition. If it still has trouble with the points you have you'll know it is the points. (And you'll have a good running gun!)
Ooops, misread your post, thought th e points were wrong, not the gun. If the gun was new, and doesn't work to expectations, return it like hannah says. Whether it can shoot the 16s or not isn't as alarming as it not being able to shoot the 15s! You got a lemon, return it. And complain to the agent!

My gun was old, so my choice was fix or replace it. Yours is new, if it doesn't work return it don't hit it with a hammer!
Sorry bout the hammer, I lost myself there for a while!
I think theres nothing wrong with the gun except that im trying to load the wrong points, the 15s are in fact half the thickness of the 16s thats why the gun 'hammer' misses most of the time. Im getting a new F16 gun instead..Thanks Hannah, Bob..