F 8400 Mat Board Pillar Post


Grumbler in Training
May 25, 2006
Patrick Printing
I am hoping that someone out here is able to help me. I purchased a used Fletcher 8400 multi material wall mount cutter, but the person who sold it to me did not give me the mat / foam board pillar post (the piece that holds the actual blade, I believe). This cutter is no longer produced, and neither is this particular piece.
I am hoping to find someone who has the same model cutter, and does not use the mat pillar post, who would be willing to sell it so me.
If you know of anything that might help me, I would really appreciate it.
Welcome to The Grumble!

Don't want to discourage you, but 4 years ago I went on a quest for the same thing. MANY phone calls and posts later ... nothing.

Maybe someone has retired a machine in the meantime and has one available. I hope so.

Good Luck!
I retired my old Fletcher 8448 on eBay last summer and bought a F-3000. There are two seperate holders that this unit uses. One for mat blades and plexi blades and the other for glass cutting wheels. The last I knew, Fletcher still had the glass holders available, but I was told no one had the mat/plexi blade holders anymore. I would suggest looking at past eBay auctions and contacting people that have purchased a 8448 to see if they would sell you the mat/plexi holder. A lot of times people buy them from eBay for the sole purpose of cutting glass. They have no need for the mat/plexi holder and would probably sell it to you. Good Luck.