SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 31, 2000
Rochester, MN
Pat Kotnour was demonstrating this product at the TCMoulding open house. I was impressed with it and think it will prove very useful for mounting the sort of objects I used to sew down with monofilament.

I'm not sure I can describe how it works; it's one of those left-brained things that's perfectly obvious when you see it in operation.

Basically, the system consists of either a clear polypropylene or a white polyester string with a lock on one end and a key on the other. The key end goes up through a hole in the backing board (backing board and foam core for heavy objects), around the object to be mounted, back down through the same hole, then into the lock. Excess thread is taken up and the mount tightened by winding the string around a washer on the back.

I'm pretty fast with a needle and thread but I think this system will save time and be much more secure than sewing with fishing line.

If you have a chance to see EZ-Tach demonstrated at a show, it's definately worth a look.

Kit, you do realize that soneone is bound to say you are absolutely wrong that it has no place in framing, don't you? LOL

I agree, it's a useful tool and it saves time on some things.
Ya, I realize that.

In fact, I'm expecting to hear from Framerguy any minute now.

I still think it's a neat idea.


I don't recall ever condemning the Attach-EZ on any posts that I made concerning that piece of equipment. If you go back into the archives and check, I only questioned the lack of information available at the time about the product. And I never got a single constructive response from Ms. Kotnour about any of the questions that I asked of her.

For example, the nylon T's were a concern of mine and still concern me as to their longevity and holding strength. I have since found out some of the answers by talking to the customer service people at Avery but Ms. Kotmour refused to do anything but take all of my responses on a personal level and didn't bother to give any answers to the questions that I posted.

The truth is I have thoroughly checked out the Avery products, the Micro-ktach and the Swift-tach, and have decided to purchase them as soon as I can get some spare cash to buy them. I know what they cost, I know what the needles run per package, and I know the bulk price of the little T's that go with the guns. And they are substantially cheaper than the Attach-EZ in all cases. Now that should lay this case to rest as far as I am involved in it.

I have no problem with using this system for certain tykpes of attaching of fabrics. I know when I will use them and when I won't use them. This should be the case with anyone that uses any of these types of attaching guns. If you use some common sense with them and don't rely on them for all your fabric attaching needs, they should work well. Whether you purchase the Fletcher kit or go another route is strictly up to the individual framer, in my opinion.


P.S. You are still one of my favorite lam&#233 wearing framers of all time!
Kit, It sounds like the strap things you wrap with and pull tight but have to cut to remove. Now I'll need one of those, do you suppose it will work in my attach-ez gun.
We saw the demo of ez-tach at the decor show -
and, like Framerguy, I hate parting w/ my hard earned $$$ any more than I need to
($150.00 was a little hard to swallow)

One thing that was mentioned at the show when someone (not me) asked about just using a regular pricing tag gun - reply: the needles were too large for "fine fabrics" and could possibly ruin your customer's item.

Now, I found this tag gun on e-bay:
"Perfect for specialty fabrics including silk and linen"

Although I couldn't find any 1/4" or 1/2" barbs on this e-bay web site - but suppose United or M&M would have them.

I don't know if this is the same as Framerguy's source - I know we get catalogs all the time featuring Avery tag guns, but does it matter which one you buy?
Time is money for me and this EZ thingy has made my stitching life heaven. I can do a 40 x 60 tapestry in about 10 minutes and still charge the customer my set rate per item. I've only done 5 larger items now and it has more than paid for itself. (This testimonial is not to be used on any website without my authorization!)
I saw this product demonstrated in NY in Feb. I think it looks wonderful, and suggested it to the person in charge of the framing department. She had the same response as someone else did, and I didn't think about it at the time: how well does it hold over time? Will the nylon material stretch out on heavier objects? The thing I like is you don't have to use the gun with it. We're still waiting to order it....
We're talking about two different products here.

Most of us have never seen the one Kit is talking about. In fact, I suspect she made it up just to cause trouble.

You know how she is sometimes.
I apologize for not mentioning that these are 2 entirely different systems in my last post. My reply was based solely on my responses to the Attach-EZ that was promoted on this forum a few years ago. I caught enough flack from Ms. Kotnour and a few other Grumblers at the time and do not wish to cause any further "distress" by confusing the AEZ with the EZ-tach.

I am aware of this new product but, until I see it demonstrated and have a chance to ask a few questions about it, I don't have any opinions on it with regard to its functions. I would pose some of the same questions I asked about the AEZ concerning the materials used in the attaching parts but there isn't much sense in opening that can of worms again. Most will decide for themselves whether to use the product or not.

EZ-Tach, like Attach-EZ and all other mounting methods, has limitations.

Where it works, it works very well. And where it should not be used, you could damage things of value.

Whether you should have it is for you to decide. Many framers will survive without it, as they have for all these dacades.

Others will try it, learn how to use it properly, and make money with it. Personally, I like it for some items.
I bought the kit in New York from M and M and used it today in a shadowbox with some silver rattles. It worked great and I think it is a great addition to my shop's shadowboxing tool kit.

The fasteners are MUCH faster than sewing, and since they go through a SINGLE hole, you can put the hole behind the object and it is practically invisable. With sewing, it usually requires TWO holes (one on either side of what you are attaching) and even with a super small needle, they are sometimes seen.
I neglected to mention that the ENTIRE kit of two types of fasteners in three lengths of each, plus back up plates (nylon washers) plus the plastic storage box, plus instructions was only $35. Life is too short for me to try to find these fasteners independently. It would sort of be like trying to find Mighty Mounts (or making them myself.)

The only negative thing I can say is that Fletcher BLEW IT when naming this product because of the obvious confusion with this product and the guns/t barbs. This product is NOTHING like it, yet some will be put off because they will think it is the same thing.

Basically it is a much faster way of tying things to a board. As Jim said, where it is appropriate it is very useful.
Fletcher BLEW IT when naming this product

I saw the EZtach in NYC at Decor - Kit didn't make it up as Ron implied. Appears to be a nifty tool for some projects. I did confused it with the Attach-EZ. Sorry, I should never post before my morning coffee.
Boy, Ron, it sure doesn't pay to kid around with this bunch any more!
Maybe we should have our own little forum back in the corner where we could pull each other's legs and do a little bit of kidding around amongst friends.

(Now I wonder how many thought that I was serious about my kidding with Jerry in one of my recent posts??)

C'mon people, dont' take every word us old farts, who have known each other for awhile and like to pull each other's chains occasionally, post as serious remarks. Gosh, where's the fun in life if you can't inject a bit of humor in your writings and your attitudes towards life and the friends around you??

I know Ron and I know Kit and neither one of them would ever purposely trash the other over something as silly as the nomenclature of a new product! It's called "KIDDING AROUND" folks. No implications, no accusations, just having some fun with each other.

Sermon's over, pass the hat.

I knew you were kidding, I forgot to put the Ha after my Kit doesn't make things up. So did Fletcher name it or is it another framers invention?

I manage to sew things by using just one hole, suppose I wasted my money. Naw.