ez framer problems.


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Oct 12, 2000
Akron,Ohio United States
We use ez framer in our shop. It is pretty simple, but we have a problem with shut downs several times a day. Anyone else have that problem? Right in the middle of a transaction it will announce that you have performed an illegal operation and it will be shut down. You can imagine how annoying it is to have to reenter all the framing info and sometimes customer info. Various people have talked to Frank, who thinks it's our system, but our people say it's ez framer doing it. Has anyone else had this problem?
That does sound like an operating system problem, maybe independant from ez framer. I get that same message from time-to-time with Microsoft applications and Windows 98 or ME. I've never used ez framer.

"Several times a day" sounds pretty extreme, though.
It does sound like a computer or memory problem.

It could also be a corrupt file in the database. Does the program have some kind of re-indexing tool to purify the files?

Is there a specific place it always happens?

Have you run antivirus and AD-AWARE to rule out third party infections?

Have you tried disabling screen savers and other programs that might be running in the background?

It would be helpful to know the exact error message, such as the program name that failed, etc. (if you get a chance)

Are you using their newest version with any bug fixes installed, and have you installed all the Microsoft Updates? www.windowsupdate.com

Hope this helps get you started in the right direction.

Oh, Mike, you just jogged my memory.

When I was getting lots of "illegal operation" messages, I could usually trace it to a particular database. If I restarted the computer and either opened or saved (I forget which) that same database, I'd get the same fatal error message. Edit: I'm nearly certain the problem happened when I'd try to save the data.

The only way I could remedy it was to delete the database file and replace it with yesterday's backup copy. The application itself seemd to be fine - it was the data that was corrupted.

It hasn't happened for a while, but it used to happen maybe 5-6 times each year.
Eeesh, if that's the case, there's no sense worrying about software that will keep running until it's been completely cleaned off!
I'm no computer guy, but I've had similar problems in the past, and they were related to the coimputer, not the program.

We had the same problem with FullCalc in Windows 95 & Windows 98, until we upgraded to 256 mb of RAM. That was in the late 90's. Then it operated much better.

In 2001 we started using FrameReady, which runs flawlessly.

Now all of our design computers have at least 512 mb RAM, and Windows XP. I can't remember the last time we had a fatal error of any kind.

This might be a good time to say again: BACK UP YOUR DATA EVERY NIGHT. You never know when you'll have one of those shut downs and find out your hard drive is fried. Ask me how I know that...

BACK UP YOUR DATA EVERY NIGHT. I suggest using compact flash disks, or CDs. Personally, I use both.
Well thanks for all the tips. But all the computer stuff is done by the corporate guys. It is windows 98 though. They do back up nightly. I suspect it is too much stuff for the old system. Does seem to happen mostly when going to save and print the work order.. Thanks everyone.
It could even be something as odd as the printer driver or antivirus program. The next time it happens, write down the exact message so we'll know which program is crashing. With that info, it'll make it easier so we'll know where to start.