Experience with Omega Mouldings in Canada?

KL Smith

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 18, 2005
Jordan Village, ON, Canada
We were contacted by a rep from Omega recently who dropped off a catalog. Not sure, but I believe their presence is new here in Canada.

I received some corner samples and to be honest they don't seem to have put their best foot forward so-to-speak. There are a number of nicks and marks on some of the samples. Enough that I won't display some of these.

The rep included a wholesale Joined Price list and said he would get me a MSRP list. It didn't arrive, so I called Omega and when I asked the girl on the phone if I could have one sent to me, she said, "How would we know how much you are going to mark up any frames?"

I explained to her that every single supplier we use has provided retail price lists and that it takes a goodly amount of time to convert a wholesale list to retail.

After putting me on hold she came back from checking with her supervisor and repeated that they do not distribute retail price lists.

I am wondering if they just have not got their act together here in Canada yet, or maybe this is just their policy.

Any comments on dealing with them?

Hi Ken-We use Omega in the US,and our reaction is quite different than yours. Perhaps you just got off to a bad start

But, may I offer a suggestion?

I think it much wiser to run your own business and set your own prices

I must say that I don't put much stock in any MSRP list and there only a few that comes to mind (and they are horrible)

With almost every POS system, they have an optin that allows you to set a few parameters and the machines does the rest. It's really lazy and really stupid, but it might work for you

But, I am surprised that every other vendor sets your prices for you

Back to your question, we have a very good relationship with Omega and I'm sure th esample problem will be corrected easily.

The pricing issue?

Perhaps if you just marked everything by 3X ?
I think it is a regional problem. Here in the US they are pretty good. I order a lot from Omega and their service and quality are excellent.

Just last week I called and asked for 4 samples to be shipped ASAP because a good customer was interested. They shipped them overnight (no charge, of course, for samples or shipping).

I think Omega is one of the few suppliers whose frames I never send back due to poor quality control.