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Jul 30, 1997
Well some EX of a customer came in and never told me she was now an EX and wanted me to bill her husbands company for a $300+ frame job. I've done many a job for them over the past few years. Now he enforms me that he never authorized the purchase he devorced and doesn't want to pay. He even refusing to help find her and wants nothing to do with it.


Low life's SB ......

Well just another day in a framers life.

framer :mad:
I have a deal with a local attorney. She will collect on dead beats for 50% of the invoice value. Look around your neighborhood for a small storefront lawyer. Sometimes these small firms will take on this type of work just to keep their secretaries busy.

I agree with JFeig,
It is definitely BLATANT FRAUD, and the Police should deal with it.
She needs a good lesson on right and wrong, and the authorities should be able to assist with recovery of the $ involved.
Good luck with it.
If she has previously had permission to charge things to this man's business, he needs to do something about that. There is no way people can just be psychic and know that she is no longer authorized.

As for the current bill, if she hasn't picked it up, check with the Mr, and see if it is something he would like to have in his company office. It might turn out to be something he would like, and you could offer him a discount for the misunderstanding.
I think there is no misunderstanding. What I think will go down is he'll pay her to pay me because he doesn't want anyone to know that he paid it.

This guy and his family own a major business (plant) in town. I don't think he want to have his kids upset because Mom gets fingerprinted for commiting a fraud because he stuck to his story.

Anyways, I did get to talk to him direct today and I'm taking him at his word that he'll get her to take care of it by the 16th of the month. She currently out of town.

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