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Nov 19, 2002
United Kingdom, West Sussex Coast. (Bottom centre)
To the right of us is an estate agent (realtor) the manager just got made redundant, the main negotiator quit. Big rumours that they are ready to move out. We've already got it worked out where we will put everything! CMC on hold to pay for refit!


They opened here just before we moved in; in time to deal with a large development nearby. Now the dust has settled over that, they hardly ever leave the office.

At one time what you see was all one shop, but the last place, a hardware store, as it got into difficulties, started reducing the size, to reduce their rent. There was also a workshop above - not what you see, that was always a flat (we don't live there!) but a mirror image of it across a yard.

The framing here accounts for 50-60% of turnover but the design area has been painted into a corner. If we get this THE WHOLE space will be framing design plus some framed art, but not much. The door will go, so another great window too!

Problem, the landlord, who we get on really well with, has a daughter married to another realtor, who is always looking to expand.

I'm thinking of just ringing the landlord and saying 'Look, I've heard this and that and it seems about right, if it's true, may I have first refusal?'

What more can I do?

(Edit - probably should have put this under business issues)
After seeing the pictures you posted a while back, you definitely have the merchandise to fill the space! ;) I think you should make the call as soon as possible! Good luck!
They are paying about half as much rent as us for, what? a quarter of the space! That's shop floor space, if you include what we have out back, then they are paying it for an eighth of the space.

But that is absolutely FINE - they are not paying too much for their square footage, when you compare to similar sized places on the strip - it is us who are getting a superb deal for what we have.

The Landlord is loaded - he would happily GIVE the place to his son-in-law, I'm sure.
Originally posted by Paul N:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by RoboFramer:
The Landlord is loaded - he would happily GIVE the place to his son-in-law, I'm sure.
I wish my landlord had a daughter.... </font>[/QUOTE]AND she was intelligent, beautiful, and worshipped you! ;)
Definitely ask for first refusal - whether it is true or not - I have that in my lease for the tenant next door - blanket first refusal. Declined 2 years ago.

Also, John - I don't know if this side of the pond knows the term "redundant" - but I do!! Haven't heard it in many'a'year!!

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity..

If you have any type of relationship with the realtor you might approach them directly,(although this would take a delicate approach)

This might open up a conversation about just how true the rumors are.

If they have time remaining on their lease you may be able to work out a deal to take it over as a sub lease which would allow you to by-pass the son in law.

If a sub-lease is out of the question you may be able to jointly go to your landlord and as they announce a desire to break the lease you could express your desire for additional space. A neatly wrapped package may be hard to resist even for a loaded landlord.

Love the outside of your shop very inviting, a great use of widow displays also.

Good Luck!

I just LOVE that blue with gold signage next to the brick! Classy!!

BUT, there's one very disturbing thing in your picture......kind of hard to tell due to the glare, but I do believe the green car has its steering wheel on the wrong side! Looks very awkward! ;)
I had something exceedingly clever to say about the green car, but two other people beat me to it.

Man, I HATE when that happens. I'm definitely slipping.
Roz - Rude Dog, thanks for the input, all I can see is a design room to die for at the moment!

Haven't looked at my lease for years - will!

Have a good relationship with the senior partners of the chain, they have a 'fire door' which opens into one of our corridors! Totally against fire regs, they get a fire/incident - WE get a fire/incident. It's bluff, and, with less than 5 employees, apparently - uneccesary too!

But I have agreed to keep it clear, not in writing!

Have a BAD relationship with the staff - they park up to 3 cars outside all day - for the sake of a 200 yard walk, claim they need to do this as they come and go on business. Truth is they are there 90% of the time.

Us having the place would remove the fire door problem and create 3 more parking spaces for customers.

If they leave with time on the lease I am sure they will sell that lease. We bought the lease for this place and fought off a National pharmacist chain for it too - real David & Goliath stuff!

What do you all call 'redundancy?' here it is sort of - not fired - but 'let go' usually with a lump sum payment, due to circumstances.

Hey, Rude dog, checked your recent posts, no-one has said 'HELLO' .... so HELLO and welcome to The Grumble and thanks again for the input.

If I transpose the photo I think I can make the car look normal!
Lets get the unimportant things out of the way.

Ok that car is butt ugly and is on the wrong side of the road and is backwards....or something like that.

Matting comes in many colors, not just white.

Now that is out of the way....what is that that on the lamp post?????

The whole area around me has posts like that but I can't remember where the nearist one to me is. Who cares for yours? What is it and does it require much care? I want that!

Carry on.
Jay, I think the lamp post John nicked from White Hall. It doesn't go with the scheam of ths street but it does make the mini-car look better by half.

As for "what is it and does it require much care?"; well I may be going out on a lime here, but I think its either a Honda or a Peugeot. Neither one requires much care, if you don't mind pushing.... :D

John, if it doesn't interfer with your visiting the colonies this August, buy the building. It won't get you a pretty or nice daughter..[unless she comes with the deal], but you'll never regret the ownership. Unless the green eyesore comes with it.
Gosh, John, I sure hope that isn't YOUR auto sitting out front.

Certainly NOT my car

1. I would not take customer parking, I can reverse right up to my workshop door (roller shutter)

2. It's a Volvo estate

If you look at the lamp post you'l sse it's in the middle of the pavement (sidewalk) sometimes cars reverse in instead of parking as they should, side on. When this happens, the backs of the cars hang over the sidewalk and wheelchairs cannot get past.

The Parish Council maintain the flower baskets.

Mats in window are a bit monotonous aren't they?

Same inside!
Look for those "green cars" coming our (US) way. Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and, already here for awhile, Chevy Aveo.

Since Volvo is a Ford company, we may see this car here too. The Ford Puddle Jumper.

Actually I'd get one if I didn't have haul 4x8 foot sheets of plastic around.

Rang Landlord, asked if I could nip around his place for a chat. No problem.

He has no plans for the place and is not aware of any problems with the realtors, but why should he be. It's not a "problem" anyway - just logistics.

If and when it becomes available IT IS MINE!!!


Under 2 years on the lease, have decided not to speak to realtor's MD - yet. Landlord will make enquiries.

Willing to buy lease but don't want Realtor to know HOW willing. Ideally they will just go away.
Originally posted by JohnR:

Since Volvo is a Ford company, we may see this car here too. The Ford Puddle Jumper.

The green car is not a Volvo estate, MY car is a Volvo estate - much bigger, back seats almost permanently folded flat.