Excel/Wor d"error reports"


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Dec 11, 2001
Knoxville TN
Am using Excel and Word in Windows XP. Almost invariably after doing some spreadsheet work, I'll get an "error report" flash on the screen, my original work cannot be salvaged so I must save it as an alternate file.

That's OK, BUT I can't get the files transferred when I'm using Documents to Go for my PDA.

So I guess my question is: how do I save/rename or somehow get these Excel spreadsheets back into my PDA?

Also: I've gone onto the Microsfot website where I'm assured I have all the up to date fixes, patches, upgrads, etc.

I'm stymied.
Have you tried a System Restore just prior to the problems? It may not solve todays problem but might correct for the future.

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Re-open Excel, open the spreadsheet that you had to save to an alternate file. Then do "Save As..." and change the Type back to "Excel 2000" or whatever the version of your Excel is. Then you should be able to open it in DTG.

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David: Many thanks. Let metry it tonite. I don't mind having my daylilly and rose base on my home cmputer, but when I go to the nurseries to buy it's really a joy to have them on the PDA too.

Thanks again
Jerry: well, it worked the other way. Opened DTG, opened the Excel files, saw my daylilly and rose files, and imported. But, thanks for showing me how to do "transfers' of this type.

Me and my flower files can now go shopping!!!