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I needed to create a macro in an Excel worksheet and when I went to Tools_Macro there was no Record Macros Available - only Macros and then the Macros Window with the run, step into, edit, delete.

What have I done to eliminate the Record Macro?
I can run the four other macros that work with the worksheet.
I even patched together a macro using visual basic that works, but I want my Record Macros back. Or do you think I may never have had it? The Office program was loaded into a new notebook in Feb Last year. And I haven't had a need to create a new macros until this weekend. Are they making different versions of Excel?

I am running a virus program and turned it off to check if there was a conflict. It made no difference.

Thanks Mitch
Record Macro should be there, under Tools, in almost every version of Excel (what version do you have?).

There is a way around the disappearance though:

-Click on Tools / Customize. Click on the Commands tab (if not already open).

-Scroll down the list under Categories till you see Tools.

-Click on Tools. On the right side, under Commands, scroll down till you see Record Macro

-Left Click on it, (while still holding down the button), drag and drop it on your top Excel menu, say between the Printer and Preview iconS.

Now you have it in the tool bar and you should be able to activate it just by clicking on it.

Hope it works (I just tried it).