Examples of paper types

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
There are SO many paper types. I've often wished there was a sampler of paper types, sheepskin, diploma type papers, parchments etc., etc. - that are put together with their names on it. A reference for us.

Do any of you know if such is available? Showing them in a magazine isn't the same as a sample to see & touch.

I don't think all papers are treated the same, so it would be good to know the difference.

Every major supplier of paper has paper swatch books available, but you are talking hundreds (if not thousands) of books. I use to sell various papers and we had a whole filing cabinet of them from an array of suppliers.

Some swatch books are available for free, but most charge for the books unless you sell their product and even then they often charge their cost of binding.

You might try contacting Strathmore Paper Company and requesting some samplers and literature.

Dave Makielski

Thanks for your input. I was thinking that perhaps there would be something in the PPFA library via Paul Storch, or the like. I do believe 'paper' is a science in and of itself.

I'll do that! A city nearby has a big paper warehouse - will go in and take a look.

Thanks again!!
Dave: I too was a paper broker for about 20 years. Small world

Sherry: you may also want to try Crane's. While they are a very high end papermaker usng lots of cotton content--and by the bye are the sole source for our paper currency--they may help too
I just had a customer bring in a piece of art from Thailand. Said the paper was made of elephant dung.... I betcha thats one you can't find in most paper swatch books... :rolleyes:
Danny, I heard one of our mat board supplier's new release will contain a dung line.