Everybody Loves Raymond, but what is the name of the art above their sofa?


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
Yikes, there is a character limit in the subject line........

Alrighty, never watched the show but I have a customer who absolutely must have the picture that is hanging above the sofa in Raymond's living room. She has tried writing the show but gotten no response. Just wondering if any fans of the show might ponder the art work on the walls. I know I do sometimes. Bill Cosby had the nicest dressed walls in TV land. There was a show on years ago with Patrick Duffy and Susanne Somers, hated the show but the thing that bugged me the most was the way they framed Wyeth's "Master Bedroom". Could never get past that, could have been a fine program, but I could not see anything but that ill framed piece.

Once again, I digress............just hoping somebody has watched Raymond and been bored enough to take inventory of what is on the walls.

Thanks for any leads.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 10, 2000
I have seen the print, and I want to say it is published by-oh, my!-this keyboards seventh letter doesn't work!-*an*o Editions (insert letter!). I could be incorrect, however.