Ever frame a deflated soccer ball?!!?


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I had a customer call for a shadowbox for Christmas (oh, yeah, lots of time!)...

She has photo, emblem, and the ball!

I haven't seen it yet - but want to be prepared... all suggestions, comments, etc. welcome!

Check out Uniteds latest supplement, # 41. On pg.2 there are 3D Presentation display "kits"
I don't what your customer has in mind but maybe this could work for you.
Roz, I'm beginning to think you make this stuff up.

Either that, or you have a big sign in your window that says, "We frame only weird ****."
Ron - I agree with you. Standing back and looking at me - I see weird all over the place!! I must have one of those "weird magnets" on me.... how do I have it removed!?!!

You have set the "Why is There Air" theory back decades!! Now we will have to rethink all this to rationalize Why? your customer wants to frame a deflated soccer ball!

Unless it has a leak, I would push for mounting it blown up at least enough to hold its shape. Those 3D presentation kits from UMS look like they may be worth checking into for a project like this.


P.S. For those of you too young to remember, check out the old Bill Cosby album (by the same title) from the mid-60's for the answer to the question. :cool:
When using our 3D presentation kit the ball is place in the dome without air. The back side is folded into the ball to help retain the shape. Also by placing the ball un-inflated there is no worry about the ball deflating in the weeks and months after framing.
If you decide that it would be best to inflate the ball, you might find that filling it with foam would be one answer. Foam is available in pressurized cans (try a boat shop etc).

Jack Cee
Thanks everyone!! I'll look into the solutions for this WEIRD project - which must not be all that weird if UM has a kit for it!! Oh, that makes me feel alot better today than I did yesterday!!