Erratic Search Function

Ron Eggers

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
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Jul 6, 2001
Has anyone else noticed that the Grumble search function is behaving erratically? (My apologies to anyone who thought this post was about erotic search functions.)

It appears that I can use the same key words and the same default parameters to search the same forum on two or more occasions and get different results - or no results at all.

I hate it when technology starts behaving like a human (irritable and arbitrary.) When someone says that using a CMC is like acquiring another employee, I think, "Yeh, and owning a Mat Maestro is like having a bi-polar employee!"

(No disrespect intended to anyone suffering from this disorder.)
I think the updated version handles this differently, and has a command to search them all in one swoop.

I'll check the UBB website to see if this is a known problem. If not, it might due to an overloaded server. We framers really beat the heck out of this system

Me too ......................... or maybe not. :rolleyes:

ok, now that that is settled, how about erotic search functions?


Turn off the parental controls (safe search) on Google and knock yourself out.

But I don't wanna hear any complaints about pop-up ads. :D