EPFG Festival March 19th


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Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
I will be heading down sometime Saturday, and staying at the Best Western, basically across the street from the Embassy Suites. Not sure what time I will be getting into town but there may be time to visit. Anyone going to be there the night before? For those of you who are considering it the Best Western Rivers Edge is ~$80.00/night.

James, Baer - there is breakfast included - it is yogurt, juices, fruit, danish, that sort of thing.

Molly is checking to see if there is some sort of room discount at the Suites, so we will let you know if there is.
That sounds .....healthy???!!! (breakfast)((not that thats a bad thing))

I didn't even check room rates there this year. Last year they were way more than some of the local competition. I don't mind a short drive to save ~$80 - $100. This year I didn't do as well with the deals, but the Best Western, basically across the street I got a corporate rate (mentioned the telco) of just over $76.00. Of course there is the Motel 6 near the airport for ~$40.00. Funny when you call the reservations desk..How many rooms? 1. How many people? 1. Would you like 2 beds?......I can only use one at a time! I can offer you a room at $81.xx per night. Gee the internet says $80.xx. Oh wait...How does $75.xx sound? Great, keep on going!
I am pretty sure I got someone in India trying to sound Canadian (eh). Did pretty good with the North American generic accent, but I had to spell things out to him over and over...Then he would read back the info and the occasional "clipped" sounding numbers would creep in.

Please post the info if the Embassy offers a deal.


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