Emergency Assistance!


Jun 17, 2003
Cathedral City & Indian Wells, CA
Help, help, help. I'm being interviewed by my areas upscale living magazine tomorrow! I got this opportunity by doing framing for a benefit 2 years ago and bumping into the editor and giving him my card. I followed up with an email offer to write a monthly column, but was told there wasn't enough interest, but also told he would use me as a resource for framing related info. Now he is! Anyway, this is going to be terrific free publicity, they're even going to take a picture of my smiling face! What I need help with is: they want to show the standard okay frame job/outstanding frame job photo comparison and I don't have anything for them at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas where I could get such a thing (from a vendor possibly?) in a hurry????? Please please please help!

Gene Williams
Mitre & Bevel and
Custom Stretched Canvas
Oh boy - they didn't give you any time to prepare.

I have recently done alot of new interesting pieces for display as sales tools for my shop and certainly have frame examples on hand. Don't you have anything of this nature? Or photos of things you have done in the past for customers? Provide them with some photos of your own... with the explanation of the timing needed to prepare a comparison set of pieces specifically for a publication.

If you use any of the large suppliers - they might have samples on hand or marketing material of their pieces...

Worth a try!

Good luck.
If you have any decent photos you could have a couple enlarged at one of those 1-hour photo marts and frame them up before the guy shows up.

No duplicate prints or posters or anything?

Another option would be to mount a print and make two frame set-ups for it. Using turn buttons to quickly switch from one to the other for the photographer. They could still be show side by side, just not together (well maybe, but that would be advanced Photoshop).

Sounds like an opportunity worthy of an all-nighter if necessary.

Take a deep breath. Good luck.
Did you try calling any customers and ask if you could borrow the piece you did for them?
Back in '02, I've known framers to borrow pieces they'd framed from customers for shows, presentations, etc.

I never was aware of any happy clients to turn us down. Matter of fact, I think sometimes the customers are quite flattered when asked to borrow a piece. Guess it made them feel that it was a 'specially well-done piece if you wanted to use it as an example of your craft. And it always WAS well-done work!

Excellent idea, Denny!!!
I don't see a problem. You can supply photos later.

Or, they can have a photographer drop by later.

Buy two of the same poster.

Throw one in a ready-made or very basic frame with no mat, etc.

The other, well do what you know how to do.