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Jun 25, 2002
Lincoln, RI
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It is likely that I was experiencing an email outage for 5 days. My spam catcher was being a bit too aggressive.

If you emailed me personally in the past 5 days and didn't get a reply, please try again.

I can't believe this!!! I sent you 8 messages, all with different shots of Connie! I hope they aren't ost in cyberspace, because some of them were a bit risque.

I'll send them again, she especially wanted you to see the last one. She's riding a mechanical bull after winning first pace in the wet t-shirt contest. She was in full swing, if you know what I mean. ;)
Hey Steph -
They weren't "lost in (cyber)space" - - -
I seem to get those all the time :eek:

Maybe you sent them to the wrong "Mike"?
Well geez McPhoto...are you available? Maybe you and Connie could hook up!
I sent you one a few months ago that got no reply.

When it went unaswered I took it personally and have since undergone countless hours of rejection therapy until the Doctor stopped returning my calls.

Some day many many years from now I may be able to look back on this episode and not cry but until that day Mike there will always be a dark spot on my soul that you put there.

So if I want to speed up my PC what would you suggest?

No, don't answer! It is really better for both of us if I just walk away and don't look back.

Goodbye Michael's email, Goodbye.
heh heh

I get a lot of email from grumblers with tech questions. If the pc is slow, consider adding memory and scanning for adware. (or consider replacing it with a faster/newer model)

As for Connie, she hasn't been seen in these parts since a Halloween party in 1999. That's when her photos were taken. Is it true that she may be attending the Grumble dinner in Atlanta?

Have a great weekend all - and thanks
BTW, if any of you have emailed me in the past five years and I haven't responded, I'm probably not going to.
Man, if you didn't respond to that chain letter I sent by having forwarded it to 50 of your closest friends, your fingernails will turn brittle and your hair will fall out.

Tough luck, Mike.