Elettrograf Duetto point driver

its wonderful, buy it from peter @ united.

shoots both flex and regular points and they are much cheaper than the fletcher, with of course the same results.

Electrograff Pneumatic COMBO Tacker
#5664 - $166.75

#5314 - flexi points - $6.60/3000 in box
#5315 - rigid points - $5.04/3000 in box

Manual Version of Above Gun - #5313 - $39.45

I have both guns, has been the best investment
I have made. I save a fortune on points compared to fletcher brand. And if you buy 10+ boxes at the time, they are even cheaper.

I am not employed by United, LOL
Thanks, I will order one today.

How long are the flexi points? I can't seem to find that info anywhere.
Same here -
Have a few of the manual guns and use both the flexi & the rigid points. The fletchers never worked right for us & we switched to the Duetto a couple of years ago.
That sounds good. I've been thinking about getting something for using flexi points. I like the name too. "Elettrograf Duetto"...sounds like a Renaissance artist.
:cool: Rick