Egyption papryrus paintings

Ken L. 1234

Aug 29, 2006
Hello All,

I’m new here and just getting to know my way around. I’m thoroughly enjoying the time spent reading old treads. My Lord, the movie poster thread ( from ‘02 just about killed me. It’s people like her that will truly make the professional picture framer shine (in time.)

The question I have: What are the recommended methods for top mounting a papyrus painting onto a linen mat board?


If you search the archives under "papyrus" you will find lots of good suggestions.

(I'm not sure from your question if you want to float mount it with hinges or permanantly mount it.)
LOL, thank you Jana, my spelling and or typing has failed me... I'll dive into the archives under "papyrus"... Sorry to have questioned old ground...

Thank again... Ken
Hey Ken, don't feel bad - newbies ask the same kwestions over and over and we just refer y'all to the search engines.

There is no such thing as stupid question (unless it's one of the stupid questions customers ask us!).

Welcome to the Grumble!
Ken L.1234 Welcome ken .As the others told you don't feel singled out for being told to use the search section ( even those before 2004) some of us have seen the Threads and don't know how or where to find them.

Also you have to go some to be a worst speller than me .when your doing those searches you may even noticed I was voted the most likely to misspell ANYTHING. In fact that is often why I can't find things in the SEARCHES.LOL

But really a big problem is what TITLE you look under and what one of us old timers ( nothing to do with age for the reat but for me that's fairly accurate.LOL) called it .So try all kinds of combinations in searching.
Thank you all again.. My first thoughts are right... this is a good place to be...

SHT up Budy and mive ovar! :D

I'l whup you sas in badder spilling eny daa.

Well come to Buddy's and my world Kel N.1234. :D

[Buddy, don't be so nice to the new guy, he might take our titles away... :D ]
Don't worry about your spelling Ken, you would really have to be BAD to outdo Baer and Buddy!!!

But Buddy is right - the search function is very stupid - I try to find thread that I started and if I don't remember the correct wording (or even spelling) - not to mention upper and lower case letters! - it is nearly impossible to find anything (at least it is for me - some are VERY expert as this!).

It took me a half an hour to pull up that thread about Dark M&M's. LOL!
The funny thing is that I never even realized you spelled papyrus wrong! I started to type out an explanation of how I hinge papyruses and then I wasn't sure of the terminology for the type of hinges I use. It was easier to suggest the archives, and when I looked there I saw that there were better and more varied ideas than I would have ever thought of.

Oops. And look at my spelling of "permanently". Let's blame that one on typing and not having proofread it. ;)

I'm glad you found The Grumble.
Somebody (more than one 'somebody' I think - Do the search) posted about a study done somewhere sometime (I have the data here somewhere.)

Turns out, if you get even ONE letter correct in each word, nearly anybody can read and understand your post. Some may not even notice anything unusual.

I think it's just a matter of practice. We've had plenty.

One of the reasons the search function is less effective than it could be is that we use topic titles like, "HELP ME!" or "I can't believe what just happened and I think I'm gonna just sit down and have a good cry."

Even if you find the thread you're looking for, you don't know it.