Educational Event of the Century (So Far)

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
The Wisconsin Chapter of the PPFA has just arranged for two presentations from Jim Miller on Sunday, February 29, 2004. (Lucky thing there are 29 days in February next year.)

One session will be on clear film mounting (aka Mylar) and the other on FACTS.

Details are not finalized, but I wanted to alert you early. This meeting will likely sell out in a matter of hours.

We are looking at possible locations, including Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Since most of the board lives in Appleton or Green Bay, the meeting will likely be in this area.

If you only leave your shop once all year, this would be a really good time. Plus, Wisconsin is simply lovely in late February.

I will post further details as they become available. If you like to be notified directly, drop me an email and I'll consider it.

Normally, these meetings also involve lots of good food.
P.S I will be really disappointed if framers in neighboring states, like Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Maryland, Maine and Massachusetts, don't take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
unsolicited endorsement

I have taken Jim's clear film mounting class. It is well worth travelling for.

Although it's probably only a 20 hour drive from here I will not be able to make the trip this time. Now, do we have any Grumblers from the Hawaii chapter scheduling classes. . .?

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I took Jim's workshop in Atlanta this Sept. and enjoyed every minute of it! But you are going to have to offer something MUCH better than Jim Miller to entice me to come to "lovely" Wisconsin in February!

(I have to admit the offer of good food DID make me hesitate for a fleeting moment.)

I am going to sacrifice myself and stay down here in horrible Florida for the entire month of February so y'all can enjoy that gorgeous weather in Cheeseland whilst I suffer down here with visions of all that I am missing. :cool:

I just hope that you Wis-cheesehead-ites appreciate the mission to which I have dedicated myself.


Locked in the frigid South with no hope of escape!
Really, I was kidding about the meeting at Lambeau Field, Green Bay.

As it turns out, that's exactly where it's going to be. We won't be out on the Frozen Tundra (which is VERY frozen right now), but there are some wonderful new meeting rooms since the renovation.

Here are some other particulars for this February 29 meeting:

8:30-9:30: Registration

9:30-11:30: Session 1, Clear Film Mounting with Jim Miller

11:30-1:30: Lunch on your own. There are several eating places on site and within walking distance. You'll have time for a tour of the Packer Hall of Fame and if enough people are interested, we can arrange a tour of Lambeau Field. Gary Haren, our chapter president, has promised to demonstrate the Lambeua Leap.

1:30-3: Session 2, FACTS, with Jim Miller

Cost for PPFA Members is $30
$20 for additional attendees from the same shop (or spouses)
$65 for non-members, including a 1-year trial membership to the PPFA

For more information, or to get a registration form when they're available, drop me a note at
Ron, I like the idea of adding a PPFA membership ($25) to the attendance fee.

A good thought for the Great Lakes Chapter's events.

BTY, our next event will be a tour of Guardian Industries glass plant in Carleton Michigan. I think it is May 27th. , a Monday evening.
Don't miss that tour of Guardian Glass. I took it with the PPFA Leadership Council last year. If you are the sort who likes to see how things are made, you will LOVE it!