Education and progress go hand in hand.

Patricia Kotnour

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Mar 11, 2003
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Since the Grumble is an educational forum which helps framers to find ways to solve the problems we all face from time to time, I thought that there should be a thread on the subject.

As many of you know I brought the product called Attach-EZ on to the market 3 years ago. At the time many of the educators did not give the product a favorable review. Since then some have changed their minds and have added it to their educational programs. There are now many schools who are instructing their students to the benefits of the use of this product. Tens of thousands of people have seen how it can improve the bottom line, especially with the very labor intensive projects that are difficult to make money on using the older methods of hand sewing.

Today there are still some of the educators who do not agree with this method of mounting fabric artwork and would like to see it put back in the box. What I say to them is that thousands of people can not be wrong, and as educators they are not doing service to those who look to them for good advice. A credible educator will teach all aspects of the framing business. This includes how to make money. Any educator who teach's new framers that they must use labor intensive methods on all projects is not a credible source of education. A good educator will help a student to discern which method is best for each individual project. A good educator will always be looking for ways to improve their own skills and teaching methods.

I am constantly learning from the people who are using my products. These are the same people who have been in the framing business for generations. There is no question that we need good educators. There are projects that I will not use Attach-EZ on. For this reason I believe that every framer should learn the archival methods as well as those methods that help them to make money.

The best educators will not try to hinder progress, but will adapt to it . They will understand that the only reason they are considered experts is because they learned their trade from other experts who's methods were also different than today's. The only way to stay an expert is to keep learning. A good educator will always keep learning and looking for ways to improve and to help other framers improve and make money at the same time. Any educator who only listens to their own advise will never learn anything new and will not be considered an expert for very long.
So eloquently written! I believe it is human to resist change a little. I also get frustrated with my own inadequacies(sp?) when learning to use a new tool becomes too time consuming. But it's usually not the tool's fault!
:D I just used my attach-ez on a military pillow case and now that I've worked with it for a while, we're quite a team!
I just don't like the little plastic tabs, colored with a marker or not. They don't look nearly as invisible as thread.
That's why I use the attach-ez where the tabs won't show for hidden areas and use stitches where the seams are visible.

Dave Makielski
I think this thread was started to discuss the introduction of product, the education of how to use the product, and improving or adapting to the product to ultimately grow your business. Whether it's the attach-ez or the cmc, we won't all agree on using them in our businesses. We're fortunate to have great publications, classes, shows, the grumble :D , etc. to educate us and assist us with research.