eco conscious frames?


Feb 20, 2003
Does anyone know of any suppliers that carry reclaimed, recycled, or related eco-friendly framing supplies? I guess moulding is the main item. I know only of Laville in CA.
You might check on the extrudued styrene mouldings (Emafyl, Ecoline). I think they are at least partially from recycled material.
We recycle thumb tacks.

Realistly, everything can't be recycled or made from recycled materials. The wood for frames and mat board can and are made from regeneratable materials (farmed).

Before they wend under Ivy Industries had a line of wood frames that were made from old beams from barns and factories. Barn wood frames today are actually made mostly from freshly harvested lumber and not recycled wood.
Oh, I forgot to add:

Glass is not recycleable due to the boron content even though it is made mostly of sand (silica).

Plex (don't ask) is made from non-renewable petroleum.
Jerome, Do you know if the MDF used to make some moulding is from recycled or waste products from wood mills?
How about barn wood? I sell a lot of it. It is truly reusing material that would be thrown out. Another reclaimed material that can be used is hardwood flooring from houses that are being torn down. It is getting harder to get, people are starting to take bids on the really old stuff. It has huge character.
Recycled timbers from old houses etcetera can be very useable. Perhaps some of the furniture manufacturers in your area use a source that does not necessarily make itself known to framers. Alternately you could keep an eye open wherever you go and try to find a few good old sheds or houses (it can be a very addictive habit) and you can then supply yourself and a few others. oh, and the employees you typically need for ripping the place down will give you an endless source of entertainment...
MDF is usually made from the side slabs (not square on all 4 sides) as well as sawdust from the mills. It also has a lot of urea-formendahide glue.