Ebay framing business for sale

What a perfect startup framing business!

450 frame samples and a set of Bainbridge and Crescent mat corners and all for a mere $500 with NO RESERVE!!

There was something missing from that business offer but I can't seem to put my finger on it.

(Oh, yeah, equipment to cut and build all those mats and frames.)

What a deal!

What a joke, I hope some poor sap does not bite on this one.

Even if it included all the machines and every thing else you needed for a shop at that price, you probably would not be able to get registered to make a bid anyway.

I have tried several times to make a bid on e-bay in the last couple of months, no matter what, I could not get registered to make the bids. E-bay has grown so large that it is now a closed club to existing members only.

Trying to get registered on e-bay is like trying to get tech. support from Dell Computers, it ain't going to happen.

My daughter and I do a lot of e-baying. I buy antique prints, postcards etc for framing. However, e-bay is getting expensive. Selling on e-bay is pricy. My daughter says a lot of the big discounters put all their returns on e-bay now which makes it hard for the small sellers. I think yahoo will be getting more popular in the near future. I have not heard of a problem getting registered but I have been for a year or more. We have an ex framer here in town who built a big warehouse to do just poster art on the internet. He must know something I don't. I hate to tell the poor sucker who bites on this offer but I get my corner samples for nothing and will not pay for them. I do pay shipping but have enough offers so I don't need to pay for the samples to sell someones product.
This may post twice. Sorry if it does. I had some trouble posting. I just went back into e-bay and put that item on my watch list. It will be interesting to see if anyone bites.