East Coast Framing Show!


Grumbler in Training
Mar 11, 2004
Is anyone going to the show? Is it worth while. I need a list of exhibtors. The web site does not have the listing up yet.
I think I might go. I like the classes offered. I need to take a mat cutting class, it seems all my mat skills have vanished. I also want to take the frame restoration class. Since I have some vacation time upcoming it might be a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

I don't need to purchase anything large or expensive so my need to know the vendors is not that great. I guess it's just a good reason to go to Philly.
Many hotels in Philadelphia have a sleepover deal on the weekends, be sure to ask if you are staying in the city.

check out www.gophila.com

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i am trying to find out what vendors will be there, but the list wont com up at pfmseminars.com
does anyone know who shall be there this year, I know last year was a bit small, but I think it is suppossed to be larger this year. If anyone knows tell me please, thanks
hey if anyone out there got a good deal at a hotel..i am driving so if it is a couple miles away that is ok, let me know, thanks in advance.

Best I could find for a downtown hotel was the Loews with the show rate of 109. Hotel I usually use in Philadelphia was already booked, and other were a lot more. I like to be downtown since it is such a good place to walk/take public transport to cultural stuff.