Easel back


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
Anyone have recommendations for really good quality easel backs (8x10)?

Ideally with chain rather than ribbon, but sturdy hinge and ribbon/chain is main consideration.
EaselMates are more stable than the flap thingies and may be used on wood, plastic, and metal frames. On larger, heavier frames -- up to, say, 11x14 frames of 4" wide moulding -- we can use two or more of them. Bigger than that, I would decline to help the frame stand up, as it could cause injury if it fell over on the cat.
Generally I would agree ... in fact like you I usually avoid easel backs like the plague ... but I have a good repeat client who has this nasty glass ready-made frame containing a wedding photo ... his kid broke the hinge on the easel back and his wife is strangely attached to the glass frame ... so it has to have a new easel back.

None of my existing suppliers has a really good easel back ... hence my question.
OK then, what about the ones that have the opening so you can just open from the back and not take the whole back thing off?

It's on all the photo frames we carry. How can we "make" those? Do you just cut your own openings in the regular ones?

Does anybody have any sugestions?
Yea Jen, There called doored easel-backs. I would like to find a cheap source for these. I have tons of moulding that is being made into photo-frames and I need backs. The cost of most easel-backs are more than they sell the photo-frames for.
EaselKing has great prices on larger quantities like your talking about Dave.

Andrew, I was on the exact same mission you were on. I eventually gave the 40# ceramic frame back to the customer without a back. I hope you have better luck.
You could suggest to your customer that she stand the frame on a tabletop metal easel. Amron has a nice selection. I find them to be a lot more stable especially on bigger pieces. AND, they're stylish.
And, speaking of cats, they are more of a challenge to knock over during Critter Happy Hour.

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