DVD Formats

Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
I'm about to install a DVD burner and I went to get some blank DVDs last night. They had at least 5-6 formats and I am befuddled.

It looks like, for home videos I'd like to burn to DVD and play on a not-so-new DVD player, the DVD-R format is most likely to be compatible. For data storage to be used on a DVD reader in the computer, DVD+R may have some advantages (though the specifics elude me.)

The burner I'm using will also record double-layer disks for almost twice the storage, but the disks are more than twice as expensive as regular, so it doesn't look like the way to go for data storage.

Then there are the re-writable DVD-RW and DVD+RW, which I think I understand.

DVD-ROM I don't understand at all and don't think I need 'em.

If anyone can add to my sketchy understanding, I'd appreciate it.
DVD-R should meet all of your needs and they're pretty inexpensive.

My stand-alone recorder uses DVD-R's.

Best Buy has the best walk-in-store prices I've seen: See?
I use a Sony Vaio and DVD-R and have burned over 500 movies. Very few problems, even using inexpensive blank DVDs. The problem comes in the play-back units. I bought a portable DVD player and wound up with a Sony. Most of the other's would not play DVD-Rs that were "home-burnt". I also have a problem with skipping on some cheap DVD players. I have a very good DVD player with an up-converter on my HD system and a Sony DVD player in my den. I have never had a skip problem with my better players. Have fun