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Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
I have to put a dust cover on the back of a very large wooden frame (outside dimensions are ~41"x54"). My kraft paper roll is 30" wide and I don't really want/need another, wider roll. What to do? Any ideas. I was thinking of cutting to strips and folding and taping them together. Is that tacky?

Thanks in advance.
Seam it in the middle, preferably top to bottom, so that it looks like it was a purposeful design and not something patched together. I've done it on occasion and it looks fine and does the job. After all it's not meant to be decorative... it's meant to be functional.

I seam mine as well. I tear off one sheet, put it flat on the worktable and then run ATG right up the edge. I then tear my other sheet and overlap the edge by an inch or two and smooth it down. I then run another strip of ATG just to hold the flap down.

In some cases, it is necessary to use a second person to avoid dropping it on the ATG prematurely.

If you get the ATG tape right up to the edge, the dust cover looks very neat.

Hope this helps.
Yup, I agree with the seaming. It works with either ATG or glue (whichever you use - I use glue) and sometimes I run a strip of J-Lar down over the top of the seam to really hold it in place.
I seam it as well. Only I ATG the back of the frame, put the first piece on the bottom of the frame, run ATG on the top edge of the first piece, then affix the next piece of kraft paper.

This wasy I can manage the Kraft paper, and get a straight(looking) seam line. Also the seam is "pointing" down so as not to collect dust in it.
James, maybe a little late now, but Frank's Fabric sell a backing somewhat like a Tyvek (which the carry too) but it black and very nice looking. It is called Cambrick, and is 54" wide.

It doesn't tear like kraft papers. And in a 50yrd roll, it cost $2/yd.

For that 62x84" frame ( :D ) I took to pieces 64" long and married with Stich-witchery then ran a zig-zag on the sewing machine. You can't even see it.
Thanks all for the replies. I ended up doing a folded seam, taped and run top to bottom. I wish I had Bob's answer before I did it as that would have been easier. This is by far the biggest frame I have done yet. I put it on the scale and it came in at just under 30lbs. It is also the biggest single bill that I have prepared....I just have to remember the advice I was given here shortly after I found this site: "Don't frame for what you can afford, but for what the customer wants" or something along that line....But man, over $600.00 for an art print....I definately couldn't afford that whether my bankbook said so or not!

Thanks again all
This is great, I just had the same challenge today. Was wondering what all of my options were and decided to look on the grumble. James we must be on the same page. Thanks for doing all of the leg work, asking, and thanks to all of you for your answers.

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