dumping IE for Firefox?

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
In the store we have AOL and suddenly we're having horrendous problems with IE sending up error messages as soon as we log into AOL: Dr. Watson debuggers, etc. Supposedly you're suppose to "report the problem" but we've hit that button only to wait at least 15 minutes before anything happens

So I downloaded Firefox which seemingly overrides the IE messge and performs well.

Now the question:

Can I delete IE from the computer, keep Firefox as my internet conncection and everything's OK, or do I need IE on the computer for some reason?

It's a Windows XP running professional edition.

Thanks for any help
I don't think you can remove IE, just remove the Icons that start it. When you're in Windows Explorer, try typing a website into the address bar - you'll see the toolbar change to an IE-like one and the web page will show up in the right pane.

Got Windows? Got Internet Explorer.
I use XP and dumped IE for Firefox way back when. Always happier to use a non-Microsoft product. Hate the way they take over my machine.

Now using the latest update to Firefox but still keep IE on my machine. There are some web forms that do not work with Firefox. Never know what you will land on.

Sometimes I will not see the complete form, or some pull down menus won't work. In those cases I boot up IE and things are copasetic.
Keep IE as you may need it for some sites. I too use FF, and have set it as my default.
All good advice, Mike.

I went to PC Pitstop's website last night to check something out on my PC and I had to switch to IE as their diagnostic checks aren't accurate with Firefox or Opera systems.

It doesn't hurt to leave IE on your hard drive if you make FF your default browser. And I still have my IE icon on my desktop for use when I need it.


You'll be much happier and safer with FireFox. I switched years ago.

Don't remove IE though, it is really part of Windows and although there are ways ti remove it, Windows won't be stable anymore.

PS: FireFox has lots of "extensions", auxiliary programs, like a Spellchecker, mail notifier, etc that work really well. And one of them is called "View in IE", which you can launch in case a certain page /website insists on IE.
I always thought that trying to dump IE in an XP environment would be a lot like saying, "I live in the United States, but I'd rather not deal with the IRS."

Tempting, but risky.
"...dump IE in an XP environment...."

Sounds like Soylent Green....or maybe The Jetsons.
Yeah, I totally agree.. install FF but don't dump IE (in fact you may want to try and reinstall it).

You'll still need IE occasionally, as some websites (especially the important ones, like my bloody bank) only work with IE..
I recently tried to upgrade to a newer version of firefox. After doing so I discovered that all my bookmarks are gone. Bummed me out! Anyone know how to get them back?
I also use to have a spell checker for the grumble, but that too is now gone. Anyone know how to get that back.
This is the first time in several years I have ever had any problems with firefox. With Ie it use to be a daily ocurence. I never tried to nuke Ie. from my machine. Anyplace that requires the use of it I won't go to. MS has seen the last of me.
I use the mozilla for my email..dropped the outlook express just because it was an MS. product. No other reason. Thought it was a good mail prgram.
I don't think firefox requires the presence of IE on the machine. I could be wrong on that, but as I think about it, it doens't really make a lot of sense to have to keep it around.Having said that though it might be hardet of get rid of than it's worth.

That's strange, I upgraded with no problems. But you should always backup your bookmarks (Bookmarks / manage bookmarks / file / Export).

Your bookmarks might be still there. Why don't you look here and see if you can find them:

C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9wnkvw3o.default

You'll be looking for a file called Bookmarks.html

Also look in:
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile

If you find it, use the same procedure as above and select Import (instead of Export) and point to that file.

It is not necessary to delete IE, but it is essential to change all IE security options to their most restrictive settings. Some web links will try to open IE even though Firefox is set as your default browser, and if someone else occasionally uses your computer they may start IE unknowingly. This is how a nasty bug called vx caused me to wipe my hard drive and start over.

Practice safe surfing.
OK I won't get rid of IE. Now what do I do about those pesky Dr. Watson pop ups that try to freeze my computer? Maybe I dump the whole ting at the store, update Lifesaver on my home coputer and carry the flashdrive to the store and update that way.
You can subscribe to a firefox email list. It's kind of like HH, but a lot more fun. Users write in with a question and the more knowledgeable users offer suggestions and fixes.

I suggest running ad-aware to eliminate whatever bugaboo you may have picked up. Also run windows update several times, to make sure you have all service packs and updates. SP2 was especially important.

Are you using the scaled down browser built into the AOL software, or actually minimizing that program and opening IE manually with its blue E icon? Uninstalling and reinstalling AOL may also help. AOL itself is a flaky program and stranger things have happened

If nothing else works, try running a program called HIJACK THIS and send me the log by email. I'll be glad to look through and see if anything odd is at play.