Dual programs on dual monitors


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Jan 15, 2005
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We are using integrated framer and lifesaver.
Question is;
We have a working dual monitor system.
We are looking at Ultramon.
Is it possible to have one program on one monitor and another program on another monitor?
We want to show the IF program on both monitors while designing. Monitor #1 is employee and #2 is customer. When finished designing we want to leave IF on the monitor(#2)that the customer sees and bring up LS program on monitor #1 to do our pricing so as not to be viewed by any other customers. Is this possible?

Thanks Dougj
As Judy mentioned, the F9 key is used to switch between monitors (this is a Windows standard function and has nothing to do with Ultramon or other programs, by the way).

F9 can also be used by those who attach a larger screen to a laptop, for example, and want to see the image on either the laptop, the extra screen, or both, by pressing F9 repeatedly (each F9 press will accomplish alternatively one of the above mentioned actions).
F9 was added as a setup step within the Picture It First installation guide, and isn't necessarily a default option for Ultramon or IF. The F9 HOTKEY is something you would have to manually add, telling it to toggle the current app to a different monitor. The WIF setup manual is likely assigning a different key for this purpose. I would check the manual to make sure.

Once you have told Ultramon to use F9 (or equivalent) for this purpose, it will do so for almost any program. We have used it periodically if someone wants to see the results of their visualization project, to see a map, or a photo from our website. It's handy

We run lifesaver POS and PIF on the hidden monitor, which has a regular wallpaper and screen saver. The customer monitor has a special wallpaper with holiday themed store policies and a 70 slide screen saver that plays when the computer is inactive. The slide show has ads for the shop and promotes optional services. (print database, visualization, photo restoration, french lines, fillets, gift certificates, email notification, ad slicks from vendors we carry, etc) PIF automatically sends the results to the customer screen with this version, but previously we used to hit F9.

The second monitor gets a lot of attention and compliments. We framed it up in a 3 3/4" LJ Ambrosia.


You posted while I was typing the novel above, and we have conflicting advice. Are you sure it's a default windows function? I haven't been able to confirm this with google, but I believe ya.

We were the first shop to do the multi monitor visualization trick, about a year ago, and found Ultramon- assigning F9 as the hotkey. It was later added to the PIF instructions, modelling our positive results.

I know with my Dell Laptop, there's a similar feature with CONTROL+F8.

Thanks all for your help.
I contacted Ultramon and they solved the issue and is working great.
From Ultramon
the following setup should do what you want (assuming monitor 1 is your primary monitor):

without mirroring running, move LS to monitor 1, and IF to monitor 2. Go to mirroring settings, and configure monitor 2 to mirror monitor 1.

When you start mirroring, IF will get moved to monitor 1, and you will now see IF on both monitors. When you stop mirroring, IF will get moved back to monitor 2, the customer will see IF and you'll have LS on monitor 1.


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If you are using dual monitors try it you'll like it

I think you're right, it is most likely the F8 key not the F9 that switches monitors under Windows.

It has been a while since I used it.

I used to do presentations (up to 2 years ago) using a laptop, a projector and a large screen. I used to switch between the laptop screen and larger screen using the F8 key.