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Drymount Ultra-Chrome jet prints on FC

Canton Crew

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 17, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
Anyone have any experience with drymounting inkjet prints? Here's what we have: Very large epson prints on strathmore paper using ultrchrome inks, that need to be drymounted onto regular foamboard. It's for a commercial job and not mounting is not an option. Since we rarely drymount things in our shop, and since we are leary of mounting jet prints due to heat damage, we thought we'd tap the infinite wisdom of the Grumble on this one. There IS infinite wisdom here, right?

Farm it out to a reproduction company, they can cold-mount it for you.
We have our own Epson printers using Ultrachrome Inks. Drymounting on foamcore with Drytac Trimount tissue - 2 min at 180 degrees works just fine.

Always ask the customer for test prints so you can do a trial for confidence - they always have test prints during printing.

Heat is not the problem with Ultrachrome Inks. The big problem is laminating. They tell me (I've asked every expert I can find) that there is a chemical reaction between the inks and the emulsifiers in the laminate adhesive. I sent a stack of prints to one manufacturer for tests and they all mounted fine. When they tested their laminates both hot and cold, all caused color changes to some degree.

And yet I can sent a print down the street to a photographer friend for cold laminating after I've drymounted it and they come back perfect.
Thanks Bandsaw, we'll give that a shot - I did have them send us some misprints to screw around with. Fortunatly we don't have to get involved with laminating. We considered sending them out, Rogatory, but our timeframe is too short for that option.
I heat mount my photos all the time with no heat related problems.