Drymount Temperature Test - help


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Feb 26, 2005
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Does anyone know of any products that can test the temperature in my drymount press? Someone mentioned a sheet (?) that I can press and it could indicate the temperature. I think our press (7 years old) gets too hot. It seems to have gotten hotter in the past year. How long do drymount machines last?

Thank you.
Seal Temperature Indicator Strips.

The may be called Hunt/Bienfang/Elmer's/Microsoft Indicator Strips by now, but I'm assuming they're still available in some shape or form from your favorite distributor.

A seven year is just getting broken in, though the thermostats can go out.
Rumour has it that in the not-too-distant future, Bainbridge will have a reusable, low temperature indicator with a very quick response time that can be adhered to a piece of 3/16 foamcore for use in all heat presses. The Hunt/Bienfang/Elmers Indicator Strips test 200 degree plus temperatures and are sacrificial, one use only. The reusable indicators are good for a lower range of temperature centered in the 150 degree range.

Our drymount press is also about 7 years old and I have added a small blob of thermal grease between the temperature sensor and housing. Temperature stability improved dramatically from +/- 15 degrees swings to less than +/- 5 degree swings. There's a 5-10 degree discrepancy between the temperature gauge, temperature setting and actual temperature indicated by the temperature strip (which have a greater accuracy than either the gauge or setting knob).
Like Ron says, “Seal Temperature Indicator Strips”! The dry mount press thermometers are not exactly manufactured to NASA’s highest standards.

It sounds like the thermostat is beginning to show it’s age. They are easy to replace (as long as you turn off the power to the unit before you begin - yeah, been there, done that!) and fairly inexpensive. It would be wise to change it before it goes completely berserk and melts 3/16” foam board to the thickness of a sheet of paper. (It is kinda neat when that happens, though – although explaining it to your customer is a little more problematic.)

I would suggest you get two replacement thermostats so that when this happens again in a few years, your down time will only be a few minutes rather than a week or so waiting for a replacement.

Both the strips and the thermostats (at least the SEAL brand) are available through United MFRs.
Thank you so much for your quick responses. I'll get that ordered quickly before it goes out completely.

Thanks again. I've learned so much from you guys.
I bought a neat little tool from Superior Moulding in Mpls. called the Superstick.

It reads the temperature reflected off any surface. Cost was about $30.00.

Perfect for the drymount press.


The device Doug is referring to is a Digital Infrared Thermometer, we have them available for 29.95, product #AMTX. Once you get the hang of this thing, you will love it - if you don't we'll buy it back. Just call and ask for Paula she will send it to you postpaid if you give her a CC #.

Superior Moulding