CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
Can someone explain why the drymount release boards are to go on top of the package instead of the bottom? What is the best package sequence to use? BOARD, ITEM, ADHESIVE, MOUNT BOARD, RELEASE PAPER? Advice appreciated. Thanks.
I don't know if this is Seal's recommendation, but I wrap the pad with release paper and use a release board on the top. Your order above would be the correct order.

I like using a release board on the top because I can place the board over the item being mounted outside of the press and slip the whole package in together on top of the pad.

Remember when you use a release board instead of release paper, to allow a little extra time for mounting as the heat takes longer to get through the release board.

Dave Makielski
The use of release boards in mechanical drymount presses helps to eliminate the bite marks on larger mount jobs.
Here's my package from top to bottom (for a Vacuseal 4466.)

Seal Release Board (smooths out the bumps if I'm less than meticulous about keeping the platen clean)

Release paper (easier to peel off the tissue that extends beyond the print)



Board (or more often one of the fomeboards with tissue already applied)

Second piece of release paper (to protect the press from any stray tissue - when the top release paper needs to be replaced it becomes the bottom sheet)
The suggestions by the two Daves and Ron about the release boards and paper are good ones! A release board or release paper needs to be placed on top to ensure that any overhanging adhesive does not get stuck to press' platen. After that it is the image, tissue and substrate.
A board should not be placed under the substrate in a vacuum press as it may create on air pocket on the top of the image by curving under the substrate and not allowing for good contact between the top of your mounting package and the platen.