drymount canvas?


Dec 15, 2002
Homer, NY - The center on NY State
I have a customer who has a photo of a ship that he served on that was put onto canvas. He would like it matted & framed. Can I put it my vacuseal and mount it like other posters. He does not care that it is on canvas. I do not stretch but I did offer to find someone who does and he said that that was not nessecary. Or should I just spray mount? or use hinges?

Fairly new to this and this is the only unstretched canvas that has come in.

What's the size? Is it rolled or creased?

If it's of moderate size and flat, you could hinge mount it to a sturdy backer.

If permanent mounting is necessary, you could dry mount it -- but the heat might damage the canvas treatment. You could wet mount it -- but moisture might damage the photo's surface.

If possible, I'd avoid spray mounting, unless you're using 3M Pro-Spray or a similar system. Aerosol sprays are toxic, and they deteriorate relatively quickly.
Your success will depend largely on the weave of the canvas--some injet canvases are pretty tight--and the type of inks used. Heat does affect some inks, sometimes changing the colors or causing them to flake off coated canvas.

We have used an adhesive film and roller laminator to cold mount to foam, hardboard and other materials. We usually use a Seal film at about 45 psi and slow feed rate.
If there are no conservation concerns about placing the photo on canvas into the press and stretching does not need to be done, you could mount the piece onto a substrate using Bienfang's Fusion 4000 dry mounting film. It is a Ph neutral, lower temperature film. As it is a pure adhesive film with no paper carrier, it works very well for drymounting textured materials.

Wow! I just finished one of these. My customer added a patch and a metal I.D. plate from the ship to the package.

Anyway, I used a dritz quilting gun around the edges to hold it. I'm going to get an Attach-EZ as soon as I get the chance.

Good luck!


PS - The ship that I just did was the USS Blandy - what's yours?
Thanks to those who replyed.

It is not that big - about 18 x 24 total w/ mats. I can probably just hing mount it. It has been rolled but I layed it out about 5 days ago and it is almost flat now.

Thanks again.