Dry Mount Tissue


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 19, 2002
We are looking to change suppliers for our CMT (dry mount) tissue, our current supplier will not talk their customers on the phone and will not confirm faxed orders, if they don't want to work with us then we don't want to work with them. Our supplier is not one of the sponsors here and i will not say who it is.

What is the best deal that you are getting on Dry Mount tissue and from who? We are ordering 24.5 and 40.5 x 150 rolls currently? Does anyone have free shipping on this stuff?
Tim, for a general purpose permanent tissue, similar to Seal MT5, it's pretty hard to beat United's MD96 Mounting Tissue, #3630.
I am trying out Drytac(formerly Hot Press)products right now. I have used Hunt and UMS products in the past and though I am not unhappy with them I thought I should still check out what is available.
I do prefer Drytac's laminating products to others I have tried and got a fairly good pricing on bundling an order together. Be sure to check in to discount levels because the steps are fairly large. I was able to increase the amount I ordered by one roll and paid less for the whole order because I reached the next discount level. Shipping was reasonable and prompt.
I have not had the opportunity to use all of the products I ordered so I cannot say whether or not they work as well as the other brands.
Most of the brand-name dry mount tissues & films are good products, and you're probably safe using any of them & shopping for the best price.

However, mounting is the most risky part of framing, because that's when the customers' property is directly affected. If your dry mount tissue or film is deteriorated, damaged by exposure, or inferior by manufacture, it might not show up until it's too late.

Sometimes, sub-standard tissue or film might appear to be perfect until its heat-activated adhesive just lets go prematurely. And how would you know, unless an angry customer comes back in a few weeks/months? Chances are the customer would chock it up to bad workmanship & take it elsewhere to be fixed. And you'd think that mount was a good one.

The point is, we probably couldn't tell the best dry mount tissue & film from the worst.

That's why I'll stick with major brands, like Hunt/Beinfang.
Tim, have you considered using the heat activated boards? They are expensive, but in my mind, cheaper than personnel costs to use the tissue. Until Speedmount on black foam became available, we used Fusion 5000 to dry mount newspaper articles on black foam core, and I liked that fine; but I love Speedmount. Since the early 90's have used the heat activated board, but this year changed over to Speedmount only as it's a very short dwell time and we can get the dry mount finished quickly.
fusion and buffermount, accept no substitues
do no harm and make no enemies by not using substandard materials in your craft.