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Hoffmann Dovetail Joining System

Dry mount mylar to plexi

Janet Framer

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Jul 17, 2017
Another weird one. My assistant took this and I haven't personally talked to the customer yet because I hope there is a solution.

The piece is one of those scratch off maps of the world printed on a transparent mylar. The customer wants it mounted on plexi so he can see the wall behind it. There will be no glass on top as he wants to be able to scratch off the map. Can this even be done?

I considered dry mounting with fusion mount but that could be a disaster. Also, just straight dry mounting onto gator or foam seems sketchy. On the other hand, I've dry mounted laminated maps with no problem.

Has anyone else had any experience with something like this?



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Sep 1, 2000
Mylar is dimensionally stable where acrylic is not. I don't think it is a recipe for success with a heat press.
We have experimented with dry mounting photographs to acrylic and then laminating over the photo with good results, but paper and vinyl are a bit more forgiving than Mylar.
I think someone posted a few years ago that those scratch off maps are also a tad heat sensitive.
You may be able to get a sign company to do a reverse face mount with a cold roller press.
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