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Bill Taylor

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Mar 17, 2002
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Hi Fellow Grumblers,
Has anyone used the moldings Don Mar calls mm03, mm04, mm05 or mm06? The samples look great, metal leaf, gold and silver composite on nice wood, but at the price they want to send it to me I question the quality. Any feedback?
Thanks, Bill

I haven’t seen those particular profiles (although David Campion was here just a few days ago), but I am a big fan of Don Mar.

Just after Christmas, (in an effort to bolster a rant aimed at Brian), I did a financial/statistical comparison between Don Mar and Larson-Juhl. Of the mouldings I have on display, the median wholesale chop price for Don Mar was almost $1.60 less than L-J.

Don Mar is not one of the “high end” distributors, though. In my opinion, their mouldings are good but not great. Their prices tend to be much lower across the board than most.

But, I’ll bet that if you are impressed with the corners you described, the actual moulding will be just as good as the samples.
Hmm, and another view.

First, I like Don Mar. They are VERY nice and always fix any problems I have. Unfortunately, they fix way more things than any other vendor. Their mouldings are priced well and they have some that can "save a sale" for you, but (except for the Presto line) quality and consistency are not words I would use for their stuff.

I don't know the particular samples. They are in my price list, but not in the picture catalog.

Good Luck,
All right Bill,

Dave just stopped in my shop, he wanted to know if you got the samples yet! Talk about good service! (He's looking over my shoulder I have to talk nice)

They look good and you are right the price is good! Dave says 1.10 and .60 a foot, not bad!
LOL yes, I have the samples! Thanks all for the feedback! Bill
I have used these and had no problems. Cuts and joins well, sticks were straight with no defects, and finish was consistant. (Sounds like a winner to me.) I would give them a try. Keep in mind that to get those prices you have to buy a min of 100 feet. (I think)
Thanks, Harry, I feel good about ordering some now.
This forum is great. It's nice to have a place to go with these questions and I always get good answers! Bill

where can i learn more aboout don mar products. did not seem to find much about this company thorugh google.

thanks for your insights.

best regards,

dave moen

where can i learn more aboout don mar products.
They have a website, but you need to have an account # to gain access to it.

You can call DonMar at 800-556-7428

We're about 15 mins from their main office and on their weekly delivery route. They've always been very accomodating and the owners are nice people. It's a large family run company with offices in several states.

I know they travel abroad (Italy, etc) regularly to locate new moulding lines.

We use them mostly for supplies such as glass, metal chops, and mats. The owner of the company has even been known to personally deliver an occassional replacement chop, if a customer is in a bind. In a crunch/deadline, they always come through for us.