Don Mar drives me nuts!

Bill Henry-

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Aug 17, 2002
Boondock Bowerbank, ME
Retired from the grind
Don Mar drives me nuts!

Let me preface this by saying, I like Don Mar Frame and Moulding. Their prices are great, their service desk is responsive, they have a “no questions asked” return policy, they periodically have <u>useful</u> special offers, and they frequently waive the minimum $100 delivery threshold if you sound desperate or pitiful enough.

But their method of wrapping chops drives me crazy!

When most distributors wrap a chop, they begin to roll it in Kraft paper, fold over the ends into the wrap, then continue rolling. This way the ends are tucked in and the whole package can be held together by a four inch strip of masking tape. Neat and efficient, eh?

But not Don Mar. NooOOOooo! They roll the whole thing first, then fold over the ends. This way they have to use three lengths of masking tape; two wrapped around the entire circumference to keep the ends from flapping around and one around the entire circumference in the middle just for good luck. Using this method, since the tape has to overlap itself, you’ve gotta cut it apart with a knife. But if you use a blade, you risk slicing through the paper and scoring the moulding.

As a scientific exercise (i.e. in a fit of pique), I took a few minutes and carefully unwound the tape from a recent delivery. I measured thirty-eight inches of masking tape to enclose an 8 x 10 metal chop!!! Come on, guys, wise up. You could save 90% of your masking tape budget (and, maybe, pass on the resulting lower prices to the rest of us) if you wrapped your chops like the rest of the world.

I have talked to the sales rep and a few people in the office about this, but either management seems to be unresponsive to saving a few bucks or the employees are a teeny bit afraid to bring it up to the boss – I suspect the later.

Sorry for the rant.… I feel much better now.

I'll be glad to forward your comments directly to the owners, if desired. It's a local family owned business, and they're very receptive to suggestions. I'm sure they'll appreciate the feedback/suggestion.

They've always bent over backwards for us and have been there when we need something in a hurry.

I guess you don't get supplies or chops from Framer's Market. They wrap EVERYTHING in that clear packaging tape. It is wider and stickier than masking tape. What a pain.

Don Mar is great. They recently changed my delivery schedule when I complained their driver got to me after hours. The problem was, if I ordered glass, I had to put it away. Those cases are much to heavy for me, so I stopped ordering glass from them and told my rep why. Now I get my order early in the day, and my glass gets put away.
One of my favorite things about free vendor delivery (besides the free part) is the minimal packaging. My favorite regional vendor, Evald Moulding, delivers joined frames and ready-mades lightly wrapped. I've never had any damage and there's not much to throw away.

Chop, on the other hand, comes packaged for UPS delivery, even when it comes on the Evald truck. 4-5 chops might be rolled into 300 yards of heavy corrugated paper and then end-stapled with industrial staplers. The package ends up looking like the world's largest . . . Well, never mind.

I was startled yesterday when my L-J delivery guy opened the box, took out the chops, and took the box back with him for recycling. Suits me just fine. One less box for me to get rid of.
How are the mitered ends on your wood chops when

they arrive? Do the miters show flat spots from the

well wrapped package being dropped on its end?
Wow, Ron. What a great deal that LJ would think of recycling. It just about kills me to throw out what I do. Used to save everything--donkey years ago--and the mentality is hard to change.