DOG prints source

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
To all my dear dog lovers out there....

I just got a swarm of requests for dog prints - and ofcourse by Christmas, don't you know! Some are common - labs, german shepherds, which I found some on Lieberman's.

But others are rare - a Vizsla for example (hungarian pointer).

A quick search on the web came up with no wholesale vendor for dog prints.......any of you know of sources?

Thanks much!
I don’t know for sure if they have what you want, but try the American Kennel Club (AKC).

They have a gift/museum shop which may have links to specific breeds.
Try Wildwings They have prints by a number of dog artists. In fact there may be a Viszla by Jim Killen.
When someone is looking for a print of a Landseer Newfoundland or a New Zealand Huntaway, because they've got one at home, I take my camera and go photograph theirs.

Those years of photography school have really paid off big time. I think I've already paid for the first semester with just 25 years of pet portraits.
My wife is a painter and does pet portraits. If any of your clients want to memorialize their pet with an oil painting, her e-mail address is</p>

That's a beautiful painting.....that is not what THIS customer has in mind, but I will keep her name on file - one never knows!

Thanks for sharing.
A sales rep from Intrepid International (a local company) came into my shop the other week. She gave me the website address for dog prints!
Check it out, I found a lot of prints of Springer Spaniels, maybe you can find the dog you are looking for.
The phone number for Intrepid International is 717-354-4822, email: