Does your web site work?


Dec 15, 2002
Homer, NY - The center on NY State
Just a reminder for many of you who have web sites. If you would like the rest of us to see them please check to see if your URL address is correct. Many of you just typed the name of your business name but forgot to include www. and ending ( ie .com)and left in spaces.

I would love to check out many of your sites but I have not figured out what I have to fix to make it work.

If you nolonger have a site take it off your profile.
say please

hey wait, my website is not listed.

come to think of it, neither is yours

reminds me of a joke your website running?

or if you're Chinese

does your website wok?

sorry, simple mind, simple pleasure

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At one time, there was only one line in the profile to list EITHER your business name OR your website address. Those of us who don't have a website would list a business name and The Grumble would turn it into a bogus URL and put the little URL symbol over every post. :(

There have been separate lines in the profile for some time now, but many Grumblers have not gotten around to updating. They are too busy grumbling.

So . . . You probably can't fix a broken URL since it usually means it isn't a URL at all. It's a business name with an http:// in front of it.

One clue is if you see spaces in the name, like http://The Total Picture, you'll know it's not a URL. The lack of an extension, like .com or .bus is another clue.
How about if we let each other know when we check out a website? And offer comments? I try to visit a lot of your sites, but I am going to make it my new mission to go back again and at least let you know that I peeked.