Does this seem like a good deal?

Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
I am considering buying this. I know zilch about them but I think it is like the regular one but just cuts a smaller. Anyone have any thoughts. Seller wants $350.
I can pick it up, so no shipping cost. Should i look at it first and, if so, what do i look for?

"Is anybody interested in a c&h oval master jr? I have one available for in good working condition. It cuts circles and ovals...mats and glass. I've had it for about 12 years and have used it in my private art studio (so it wasn't beat to death). It needs to be 'squared' and I'm just not too good at that. It has many blades and other parts."
I can't imagine what would need to be squared on an OvalMaster that hasn't been abused. About the only adjustment, and I've NEVER had to make it, is on the guides that position the board.

There must be a ton of these around, Al, and I think $350 is a bit much. I keep mine around just to cut the occasional oval glass and fomecore, which I can't cut with a CMC. But if I ever start to run out of space, it would be the easiest thing to give up.

Realize, too, that the Junior has some real size capacity limitations: 16x20 is about it.
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:

Realize, too, that the Junior has some real size capacity limitations: 16x20 is about it.
I bought my Oval Master for $500.00

It cuts up to 26 x 38 I believe. If you really want one, keep looking for the full size model. They are out there.
In the long run, I think you’ll find “Junior” too small.

You will probably not be cutting a whole lot of huge single openings, but the real advantage for the “Master” (IMHO) is it’s ability to cut multiple smaller openings for collage mats. For that you’ll need a larger base than the “Junior” provides.
Hey come on folks the Junior is not that bad! (I hope) I just bought one for $100, but it was beat up bad. Top all scored up. Had a carpenter freind build a new base for $50 and I'm good to go.
Before you say no to buying it do a google search on Oval Master Junior. I found some good hits and am still very happy with my new toy. To give you a little background \pior to getting this I used the little fletcher Oval Mate and the Alto Templates. A CMC is still years down the road so this machine is a great bridge to the CMC. The junior claims to be able to cut 17" circles and 17 by 23 ovals. Good enough for in house work, for now. I'll farm out bigger to DonMar.
There should be a glut of oval mat cutters on the market now, which should drive down their secondary-market prices.

CMCs have made them surplus equipment in many shops. I sold mine within 6 monmths after we got the CMC, and have never missed it.