Do you use "Wizard's" deVenci program?

William Ross

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Oct 30, 1999
costa Mesa, Ca, USA
I'm looking for others who are using a wide-format printer ,like the epson 9600, to print artwork/mats etc.

I posted this request on the Wizard web site, but because it is new and not many people are using it, I have not been able to make contacts.

I looking for better ideas on marketing the services and what matboards work best. We have set up ICC profile & configurations for our Photoshop 7 that work well on most rag mats, but we would like to expand our selection of mats.

We are also looking for pricing experance you may have had with this service. We have been charging $.75 per united inch for matboard printing, besides the design cost. As for other printing we have found that $12.00 per sq foot for photo paper and $20.00 per sq foot for canvas is working well. Please let me know what you have found works in your market.