do you recognize this moulding?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 7, 2001
I'm trying to match this frame for a customer. The piece was done at a Deck The Walls years ago. It is a polystyrene moulding, about 1" wide, faux burl panel with gold lip. VERY shiny!
Did you attach a picture... if so it didn't appear. I may be able to help... I have several glossy burl type mouldings not made for years. I personally think they are ugly as sin, but each picture talks for itself!

Dave Makielski
I am having a problem attatching the photo. I have a meeting and I have to leave now but I'll try attatching the photo again later.
Diane, Decor had an Emafyl awhile back, number is 7004. It has a gold lip but also three gold lines on the outside and is a reverse profile.

Looks like they still carry it if it's what you want. Page 106 of the catalog.
I'm looking for a similar moulding...first time for me posting a picture...hope it comes through OK. The burl is green and the moulding is glossy.[IMG]

Dave Makielski
You have to close the markers Dave.

There's got to be a better way to attatch photos! OK, click on my website, then click on the Grumbler bar near the top of the page. Close, Cliff, but not quite.
Diane, I was helping Dave display his.

Your images are a bit too small for me to see clearly. Old I guess. (me, not the images)

Studio has a profile in their "Honors" collection that has that same high gloss shine with a mahogany color and gold lines. But, it doesn't have the same profile you are looking for if I am seeing your's well enough. Here is a pointer to their web page anyway:

Good Luck,
I just remembered seeing a line of high gloss mouldings from Studio at the NY show. I didn't take samples, but they had a few different colors in that high gloss finish. I think they were square profiles, but there might have been some round in the line. There was no gold on the profile, but maybe you could built what you want with stacking and fillets?