Do you recognize this glass cleaner/


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Nov 23, 1997
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A while back I was given a small pump spray bottle of a glass cleaner that had the name ULTRA LITE on it at a trade show. I have no idea who from, and there is no manufacturer's name on the label.

Also on the label are the phrases NO alcohol! ammonia!

ConcentratedGlass& plastic cleaner

100 % Non-streak guaranteed formula

It says it is a concentrated formula that an 8 ounce bottle will produce 1 gallon of cleanning solution.

I have used it and like the way it works as well as the fact that it is not an aerosol can.However I haven't dilluted it as yet but it still doesn't streak.

Does anyone recogize the description and know where I can Buy more of it?
Frame Specialties Inc.
Elkhart, IN

It is good stuff....used it for some time.
The little bottle you have is already diluted Buddy. It is a sample, I received one too in Atlanta, and I like it. As soon as we finish up the stuff we've been using, I'm switching to it. You have to use DISTILLED water to guarantee no streaking. By the smell of it, it contains butylcellosolve which is more of a glycol than an alcohol.
Ah, vendors and trade show booth holders take note, when you give away freebies put your name and order info on it. That "free sample" probably costs you ~$1-$1.50 and you lost follow-up sales!

Jen from Tenn remember when you were asking what to put on your table at the trade show/home show. Whatever you decide to "give away" be sure it can then "give back" to you!

Thanks Buddy for point out a commonly forgotten advertising lesson!
I betrayed my sense of ethics while in Atlanta: I sneaked four of those little buggers into my goody bag. (Did 'fess up, though before departing the show.) I love the stuff, but agree about the labelling. I had to call them to see if the little bottle of it was already diluted.

I really like the product and you can use it on plexi as well.
The name is ULTRA LITE and Tom Partridge and his information is correct.
I dialed the number and they laughed about their name not being on the Cleaner . However they said it was on the glue they produced.

I told them they should visit TFG and maybe they already have. But I placed an order for two 8 oz. bottles at 14.95 each ( no minimums and Visa and Master Cards are excepted. Those 8 oz botles will be added to 1 Gallon of DISTILLED water to produce the same cleaner in my one sample bottle and MM's 4 .LOL
It worked for me .
Well, I knew I was tired last night.....couldn't even see straight....this stuff sounds good
gonna have to try it