Do you have any BUGS? Free malware and spyware online scan

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
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It's interesting how all these scanners find problems that others do not, etc. You almost have to use multiple programs. Experts claim that about 91% of computers contain infections that are slowing them down, sending spam unknowingly, attacking neighbors ports, etc.

EWIDO is a well known scanner that does its thing in a very different way than its peers. They currently have a free web based scan/trial of their product. The full product is normally $29.95

If you'd like to see what bugs it finds on your computer, here's the link to the free scanner:

It found and removed 3 infections on my PC that Ad-Aware, Norton, and SpyBot did not. (Ardamax key logger, Worm.Randon, and Backdoor.Genlot.DX) Although they were in files and dormant, I'd rather not have them on my pc

It's interesting to see what it finds...

It is a very good spyware program, Mike. Before Grisoft took over the company Ewido offered a free download on their spyware and their virus programs. I got both of them and they didn't have limits on them when they were originally offered. I didn't realize how powerful they were until I started checking out other programs and saw what the others were offering. These freeware programs did more than the full blown programs on a 30 day trial basis!

I deleted the virus program because it was interfering with some of my other programs with the security settings I have on my computer and now I wish I would have lowered my security and kept the program. On its first scan it found 26 low, medium, and high risk items on my hard drive including some of the trojans and virus that were going around at the time.

The Ewido spyware found 118 medium and high risk items, mostly tracking cookies but still there harvesting information about me and my net habits. (And I run Ad-Aware SE Personal every week!!) I would use their spyware program on a weekly basis if you don't have anything else. Ad-Aware SE and the likes do a good job but spyware is getting more and more sophisticated each week and it seems like Ewido is keeping up with the new changes better than most.

We use Ad-Aware SE on our computers as well, and like Framerguy said, it will at times miss something. We got Norton Anti-Virus w/ the computer & run it weekly. Ewido seems to do a better job. Hopefully, we won't encounter any software conflicts w/ it. Years ago I had a computer "crash & burn" due to the conflict caused by another anti-virus program (can't recall the name)
SPY SWEEPER gets an extremely good rating too. PC Magazine's editors choice 6 times in a row, etc.

I tried it here today, and it caught one additional adware infection that none of the others did.

The free version won't remove infections. It just lists them and asks for money. The other 3 mentioned will do it for free.

Microsoft's new program also gets pretty decent reviews.

I ran the on-line version of EWIDO after reading this thread and unearthed 29 medium risk tracking cookies.
Mike I found 132 Mostly Tracking cookies and 5 adware medium risk and 1 High risk worm.I have Nortin Internet Security system which is supposed to be the top of their line with continual monitering and live updates.

my daughter just ran a system that she uses at her Newspaper job ( a couple of weeks ago)and removed 93 then .

If it is reoccuring so fast and the best Norton has isn't catching all of it it is frightening to say the least and down right expensive $60 + for nothing.
Wow. I wonder why its taking so long on your pc. This pc has 5 120gb hard drives and it took less than an hour total. It's possible that another installed program is double checking its every move and causing the slowdown. (spybot, etc)

I just removed Spy Sweeper a few mins ago for this very reason. It was causing brief yet annoying pauses and delays while it did its thing.

C00kies dont concern me too much, but anything with a NAME does. (adware.*, keylogger, spyware.*, worm.*, malware.*, etc)

It scanned 24 Gb of filled hard drive in about 45 minutes on my computer. It showed over 329,000 files/entries that it scanned. Maybe you need to restart yours if it isn't reading an equivalent size in 3 hours.