Do you close 4th of July week?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi all,

I am thinking of closing July 4th week for a mini vacation.

I was going to give advance notice to my customers by mail and signs in the shop and on the door leading up to the date.

I am still in my first year open so I really don't have anything to compare the week to but, the other shops I worked at were somewhat slow that week.

Any suggestions I am missing?

What do you do?
Call me crazy but we close for all major holidays. Of course I'm located near the financial district in San Francisco and every business in my area is closed then too. So we don't get that much traffic on those days.
If you do a mailing!~ I would suggest that you have a bring it in the week before and you get free reg. glass or something like that sale!~ Then on the tag line announce you will be close the following week!~ Just make that offer in your mailer, but you better get it out next week!~ Just an Idea!~
I close on most major holidays & try to make it into an extended weekend. I figure this gives me 10 or so extra days off to clear the cob webs or whatever.