Disconnected number


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Jun 13, 2002
Sacramento, California
Hi all,

I had a quick question for Superior Acrylics and both of their numbers (toll-free and local) have been disconnected. I spoke with them on Wednesday and all seemed fine. Anyone know what's up?
What was the question?

Maybe someone here can help.

Yeah, I have no problem with that, go ahead and toss it!


<font size=1>did that help???</font>
Clearly it's a per-plexing problem . . .

I'm sure it's just a General Telephone glitch.

Are you sure they are letting your calls out of Sac? Maybe your call is being Terminatored in Sac.... :D
I just received a delivery from Lois, in person, yesterday (friday). I believe they're still very much in business. I had ordered from them on Wednesday?
I called Superior Friday and also got a disconnected #. The 877 # did not work as well. Googled them and found this # 951 684-3730.
I was able to place my order. She told me MCI had screwed up their 877# and should be working soon.
You had to go and spoil all the fun didn't you Lisa.

We were having so much fun with fourcorners . . . :D

It figures about MCI; they'd stick a bloody dead rat and my third grade teacher in the middle of a wet dream if they could.
I Googled them yesterday as well, came up with a local number but it too was disconnected.

I did give Baer's theory some consideration... the order we were working on together turned into such a nightmare I was starting to think they had blocked our calls!

God love 'em though... they came through like champions!

Thanks Laura and Lois!